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Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Gym machines are highly popular across the world for muscle building. They became popular in the last few decades but gained a bad reputation steadily. People think that the machines are merely for building muscle and are of no use for losing weight. The truth is that no single machine can help you achieve your fitness goals.

You need to use the machine in combination with aerobics and cardio to achieve your fitness goals. People who want to lose weight need more cardio than lifting weights. On the other hand, the muscle building enthusiasts need to train more with weights and some cardio.

The gym machines in Brisbane help you to train yourself without the risk of lifting free weights. Let us check some of the best gym machines for bodybuilding.

Bench Press

A bench press is one of the most used machines in a gym as most people use it to perform their first exercise. It is the best machine for your chest, but it also offers an excellent workout to your shoulders and back. There are 3 types of bench press machines –standard bench press, inclined and declined bench press. All the three machines are designed to target different areas of your chest.

Pec Deck

Peck Deck is another machine for building the chest muscles. It helps you develop the cuts in your chest that are difficult to build using free weights. It builds the chest muscle as well as offers it the perfect shape. You need to maintain a right angle between your upper arms and forearms and keep your upper arms horizontal while using a pec deck machine.

Rowing machine

Anybody who visits a gym must have seen a rowing machine. It is useful both for building muscles and losing weight. It helps the users to develop the back muscles, but the latest rowing machines also offer some workout to your legs.

Lat pulldown

The lat pulldown machine helps you build side muscles of your back. It brings width to your back instead of volume. Users sit a bit inclined on the seat and pull the bar towards their chest looking upwards and leaving it back steadily.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press machine targets your deltoids muscles and makes your shoulders broad. It is an excellent substitute for the free weight military press as it prevents the risk of injury due to the falling of weights. However, users should not overload the machine with weight while exercising on it for shoulders.

Preacher curl

A preacher curl is an excellent machine for building bicep muscles. You can also exercise your biceps using a barbell loaded with free weights, but it also engages your forearms and triceps. The preacher curl isolates your biceps and offers you a precise range of motion without engaging other muscles.

Leg press

The leg-press machine is the best to target your quads and hamstrings. If you are a beginner, you need to be careful while using this machine as many people overload it for faster gains. Load only the amount of weight that you can push up to do ten repetitions. You can vary the distance between your feet as recommended by your instructor.

Seated Calf raise

Calves are the muscles that most people ignore, and they are the most difficult to develop. The seated calf raise offer you a full range of movement to exercise your calves. You can hold the weight in your hands or place a weight plate on your thighs to increase the intensity of exercise.

Squat Rack

A squat rack is the best machine to build your thighs, and it is better than leg extensions and curls. Forget the leg curls and extensions if you want fast gains for your quads. A machine like squat rack Brisbane can help you to build some serious muscle gains for your legs. However, it is essential to wear a back support belt while using a squat rack machine.

Smith machine

A smith machine is a multipurpose machine that enables the users to perform multiple exercises on single equipment. You can do inclined, declined bench press, lunges, squats and standing calf raises on a smith machine. The machine requires more space than other machines, but it is perfect to use at home as you can place it in a verandah or patio.

Final Words

These are the best gym machines for building muscles for beginners as well as professional bodybuilders. However, merely exercising on these machines won’t help you gain muscles or lose fat.

You need to follow a healthy diet plan and use a combination of machines to maximise your gains. Follow the instructions and exercise program of a qualified instructor to build some serious muscle and gain admiration from your friends and colleagues.



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