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Curb Appeal: How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Whether you have lived in your home for a few months or a few years, homeowners can become accustomed to the sight of their property. Unfortunately, this means that the exterior of your home could look worse than you think. Many buyers are looking for new homes online and so first impressions count when it comes to selling your property. Make sure the front of your house appeals to the masses and elevate the look of your property with these 5 tips for curb appeal.

Foundation is the most critical part of a home. It’s the base that holds everything together and keeps your entire home stable. You can sell a home with foundation problems, but it will reduce the value of your home. But you’ll most likely sell your home for more money if you make all the necessary repairs. Foundation problems can raise red flags, but they aren’t necessarily deal-breakers.

Add a Lick of Paint

If you stood outside your home and looked at it with an impartial eye, would you be impressed with what you saw or would the exterior leave a sour taste in your mouth? Perhaps the brickwork needs a bit of TLC or the porch requires a fresh coat of paint. If you have wooden frames, then chances are they need to be cleaned and then repainted before you put your home on the real estate market.

Swap the Entry Door

When a potential buyer approaches a property, one of the first things they notice is the entry door. A solid, well-presented front door will provide a great first impression and can increase interest in your property. Studies reveal those homes with dark colored entry doors have the potential to sell for up to $6,000 dollars more than originally expected. Make your home seem as inviting as possible by either swapping the entry door entirely or repainting it. Donot forget to polish the handles and oil the hinges. A secure entry door is not only aesthetically appealing, it can keep a property well-insulated and it also elevates security. These are aspects potential buyers factor in when looking for a home.

Install Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is durable and affordable, and it is a great investment if you havenot installed it already. It appeals to home buyers because it is low maintenance and eco-friendly. It can withstand harsh, unpredictable weather and it offers a great return on investment. If you search for roofers near me, you will be able to find trusted companies specializing in vinyl siding.

Fix the Roof

Speaking of roofing, one of the most overlooked parts of a property is often the roof. Overlooked by homeowners that is. Contrastingly, an unkempt roof can be completely off putting for potential buyers. If your roof needs to be repaired, updated or simply cleaned, enlist the help of professional roofers. Although roofing jobs may not come cheap, it can make a huge difference to the value of your home. According to this report, a roofing replacement can add up to $24,682 in value which is a fantastic return on your investment.

Clean the Windows

As a homeowner who wants to sell their home quickly and profitably, you want your home to look attractive and polished. Dirty windows can bring down the aesthetics of a place while broken panes can give off a decrepit look. Accentuate your property with clean windows and make sure the windowpanes are spotless.


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