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Super Special 6 Rakhi Gifts For Every Sibling Living Apart

Raksha Bandhan is just a few days away. It’s time to celebrate the most faultless and honest relationship between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is often celebrated by sending Rakhi and exchanging Rakhi gifts with those living in different towns and countries.

To make this difficult task easier, there are internet shops that can assist you in conveying your love to a brother who lives on the other side of the planet. You may send rakhi online to express your huge affection for your sibling who lives across the sky.

As an outcome, you may delight your sibling with a particular auspicious Rakhi and wish him a happy Raksha Bandhan in the best possible way. Continue to read this content and know about the Super Special 6 Rakhi Gifts For Every Sibling living away from you.

1.Super-Brother Rakhi

This Rakhi is known as the “Super-Bro” Rakhi. The major design of this Rakhi is the Superman emblem, with the term “Super-Bro” engraved on it. The adorable red and white beads provide a touch of elegance to this Rakhi. If your brother is like Superman who is always willing to help those in need, then this Rakhi is for him.

If you usually find him to be the greatest “to go” person for any tiny to huge situations, then you should get him this designer Rakhi. You can buy this Rakhi from online stores where they can make a quick online rakhi deliveryto your doorstep.

  1. Sandalwood Rakhi

Sandalwood bits in various beautiful designs are used to make these Rakhi. There might be flower petals, little animals, even sandalwood spiritual statues. You can buy Rakhi online and send it directly to your brother via an online store at an affordable cost.

This Rakhi is sometimes embellished with sandalwood beads to give it a more traditional appearance. The lovely scents of sandalwood lend a touch of freshness to the Rakhi feast.

  1. Om In A Green Leaf Rakhi

This is another exciting ethnic Rakhi that looks gorgeous. The central part of this Rakhi features a green leaf motif. The OM sign is engraved in Hindi on this green leaf with dazzling white stones. The remaining beads on the Rakhi are green, white, and Rudraksha.

OM is the greatest spiritual realm in the Hindu culture, and it pertains to stable harmony. So, you can order rakhi online to bring good luck, confidence, attention, and well-being for your brother.

  1. Antique Swastika Rakhi

Antique Swastika Rakhi is a gleaming Rakhi from the Ethnic Rakhi collection. This Rakhi has an antique polish that gives it a great historical appearance. The Swastika sign is located on the Rakhi’s dial which means “good fortune.” Not just in Hindu culture, but also Buddhism and Jainism, this sign represents happiness and wealth.

As a result, you will see the use of this symbol to begin anything new. So, if you want to bring good luck to your kitty brother, you should gift him this Rakhi. To make it extra special add the best rakhi gifts for brotherto this Rakhi to make him feel marvellous.

  1. Dharma Chakra Rakhi

A Gold Rakhi would be an excellent choice from the designer Rakhi section. The pattern on this Rakhi is a Dharma Chakra, which is a Buddhist belief. The Wheel of Dharma, which comprises three segments, is the Dharma Chakra.

The first half is the Hub, which relates to moral discipline training, the second part is the Spokes, which denotes proper wisdom application, and the third portion is the Rim, which denotes focus. You can buy this Rakhi to bring prosperity to your brother’s life because the Dharma Chakra is one of Buddhism’s 8 Auspicious Symbols.

  1. Multi-Color Rakhi For Sister & Bhabhi

Do you remember to get anything for your Bhabhi as well? A Rakhi thread is also tied on the wrist of a Bhabhi in the Indian culture to strengthen the link of love and friendship between them. This is a lovely multicolor stone bracelet Rakhi that you may get for your Bhabhi on this auspicious day to greet her.

The white beads used as latkans under the bangles lend a wonderful touch. Your sister-in-law can wear it as a decorative bangle with matching multicolor attire even after the Rakhi celebration is over.

What Will You Give Your Sister?

Sisters are the most annoying ones in your lifetime, but the fact is they are another mother. Even if she irritates you, she is the real human who keeps you in her prayers always. Make this Raksha Bandhan the most memorable one, by sending the best rakhi gifts for sister. You can make an online same-day delivery straight away to her via Online stores.

Final Words

Hopefully, you would find this designer Rakhi collection useful for your online rakhi shopping. As a result, choose your favorite rakhi from this lovely display and make your Raksha Bandhan a memorable one!

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