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Different Styles Of Canvas Prints Best For Any Home!

When it comes to home decor, hanging canvas prints can breathe life into any room. Home decor must reflect the personal taste of the owner. Thanks to the option of getting custom framed canvas, you can now easily give a personal touch to canvas printing. Here, we are going to share with you a guide to canvas wall art that will help you choose the right framed canvas for your room. If you are looking for more ideas, you can check out our collection of custom canvas print ideas. 

Trending Canvas Print Ideas

Below, we are going to list some of the best canvas print styles that are trending. 

Gallery wrapped canvas prints 

One of the most popular types of canvas print that is trending in the market is the gallery-wrapped canvas print. These types of canvas prints come with photos being printed onto your choice of canvas and are professionally stretched around the side of the wooden frame. This has to be carefully designed so that there are no wrinkles in the print. 

Framed canvas prints 

The framed canvas print is another type of canvas print that is loved by interior designers and decorators for their traditional look and beautiful texture. These frames add depth to the painting. Luckily, there are so many different types of frames that are available in the market for you. Depending on your tone and choice of interior, you can pick the frame.  Since the option of the custom framed canvas is also available, along with the choice of frame, you can pick the type of print you want as well. 

Collage Canvas Prints 

Another very famous and loved kind of canvas print is the collage canvas print. You can enhance your wall by adding more than one canvas – creating a collage gallery canvas print. Since there are several different sizes of canvases available in the market, you can play around with them and design a perfect collage for your wall.  


Another very stunning, elegant, and classy choice of canvas prints is the panoramic canvas print. These work best with wedding pictures, family pictures, and more. It also works well with the sunset, sunrise, and cityscapes. These dramatic and breathtaking prints can make any room look gorgeous and full of life. These panoramic canvas prints tend to attract most of the attention in the room. 


These are some popular canvas print styles that are being loved by everyone. Thanks to the custom canvas printing, you can never fall short of home decor ideas. Luckily, with us, at Ditto Bug, you can find the best type of canvas prints for your home or office. We have the option of custom canvas prints, different frames, and more. At Ditto Bug, we make sure that you get the best quality canvas print with a beautiful frame for your place. Each one of the canvases we design come with the promise of high quality. So, if you are looking for canvas prints, we recommend you to check our collection. 

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