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Types Of Wedding Invitation Cards That Are Trending These Days!

Weddings are great but planning a wedding can be challenging. Every wedding planning begins with wedding invitation cards. There is no wedding if it is not celebrated with your friends & family. This is where wedding invitations come in handy. Today, unlike the time before, you can find several different types of wedding invitations. The artistic vision of designers has led to the invention of different types of wedding cards. Here, we are going to share with you some trending types of wedding cards.

Types Of Wedding Invitation Cards!

If you are looking for a wedding invitation card, you must check out the different types of invitations. 


For everyone who is looking for a royal looking wedding invitation, this Burlap wedding invitation card is best for you. Made using Burlap fabric, this type of wedding invitation is designed to reflect the rustic appearance. 


Another very popular type of wedding invitation is the floral wedding invitation. These are for those couples who are looking for warm, bright, and colourful wedding invitation card designs. At Invitation Maker, you can easily find several different types of floral wedding invitation cards. 

Clear Wedding invitation card

Clear wedding invitation card designs are quite trending these days. They are a little expensive but are quite graceful and stunning. The clear wedding invitation card is the type of wedding card that is designed on a clear sheet of paper and is printed in white ink. If you are looking for a wedding invitation card that is unique yet attractive, this is a great option for you. 


Chalkboard is another very popular type of wedding invitation card. This black and white wedding card design will give you an authentic look of a chalkboard and can be very inviting. 

Theme-based wedding invitation cards 

Another very popular trend that has caught fire today is theme-based wedding invitation cards. A wedding invitation card should be a perfect reflection of the theme in which you are planning your wedding. Be it any theme, at invitation maker, we can design a wedding invitation to resonate with it. 

Classic wedding invitation

There are several classic wedding invitation designs that suit the best for every kind of wedding. So, if you are confused about which wedding card sty;e is best for you, you can simply go with the classic wedding invitation card design. A good thing about this is that – you can never go wrong with these classic wedding invitations. 

Bottom Line

These are some very popular types of wedding invitations. Each one of these designs has a unique style and warmth. Depending on what kind of wedding you are planning and what your wedding theme is, you can choose between the type of wedding invitation card. At Invitation Maker, they have a team of expert designers and professionals who will customize your wedding invitation and will breathe life into your dream wedding card.

We all know that wedding invitations are the most important aspect of the wedding planning process. It is very important that you choose a fancy and inviting wedding card design. Each one of these designs has their own unique sense of look which makes them special. 

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
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