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Easily Delete Pages From Your PDF Files With GogoPDF

A lot of people thought that a work-from-home setup was an ideal form of working. If you are one of them, you probably had this perception because you thought that you never have to go through the traffic again when commuting to the office. Besides that, you imagined working comfortably without the need to leave the kids anymore. 

As businesses adopted remote working, you realized that it is never easy, especially during a pandemic. For some, it is extra hard because they lack the necessary gadgets to communicate well with their bosses and colleagues. While others don’t know how to manage digital documents. For instance, you have a file in PDF and you want to delete pages you did not intend to include in your report. Instead of converting it back to its original format, why not use the delete PDF pages of GogoPDF?

Delete PDF pages with GogoPDF

Technology drives small to large companies to keep moving forward despite the current health crisis that every country faces. Even if you are in a different geographical location from your boss, working is still possible through the use of laptops and mobile phones. But despite it helping you in accomplishing your heavy workload, it can also be a cause of your stress. One of the most common problems encountered by business people nowadays is the difficulty in manipulating their PDF documents. You might think that using these files is a hassle, especially when you are in a hurry to remove unnecessary pages. Try using GogoPDF if you want to delete PDF pages in a fast and easy manner. See the detailed steps below to know how you can use this feature.

Step 1. Visit the website

The first step you have to do is to visit the website of GogoPDF through the use of your device’s browser. Opening the browser and searching for the online tool will only be possible if you have a stable internet connection. When accessing it, you don’t have to worry about monthly or annual fees because all of its services are free of charge. There is no form that you have to fill up nor a subscription plan you need to avail yourself of.

Step 2. Locate the view and edit category

The website offers more than 20 tools to help solve all your PDF-related needs. Once you reach the website, you will find 6 categories at the end of the webpage. Locate and click the view and edit button. The delete PDF pages will appear on your screen together with 5 other tools. 

Step 3. Upload the PDF with pages you wish to delete

Click the delete PDF pages so that the website can redirect you to the page remover tool. Then, get the file from your device by using the select a file option. An alternative way to upload the file is by dragging and dropping it into the toolbox. Once the document becomes available on its server, the page removal tool will allow you to pick the pages you want to remove. 

Step 4. Save the changes you made on the file

After you finish selecting the pages you want to remove, click the apply changes button. The page remover tool will start the process of deleting those unnecessary pages. The edited PDF file will appear on your screen after a few minutes and will then be available for download. Don’t forget to save it immediately in your local storage because the website will automatically delete a copy of the file on its server after an hour. 

5 other features of GogoPDF that you should use!

GogoPDF is not only capable of removing pages from a PDF but it can also perform other vital functions when managing electronic files. It is an all-in-one solution to all your problems with PDF so you no longer have to find other online tools. Check out the list below to know more about the different features offered by the website.

  • PDF Conversions

With the use of a PDF converter, you can easily turn your documents into other file formats. Your PDF can be a Word document, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint in just a few minutes, depending on the stability of your internet connection. This converter doesn’t stop there because it can also bring back these documents into PDF again through the same series of steps. 

  • Merge PDF

If you are managing multiple PDFs at a time, you might want to merge them into a single PDF document. In this way, searching for your needed information becomes easier and faster. You no longer have to switch from one file to another. It will have a positive impact on your productivity and efficiency making you finish any tasks in no time. 

  • Repair PDF

There is always the threat that your digital files will become inaccessible due to malware, viruses, and power outages. It is not easy to solve because some documents are already unrecoverable. You can use the repair PDF of GogoPDF if you want to try fixing the problem. When you upload the damaged or corrupted file on the website, it will try to restore the information. 

  • Esign PDF

You can no longer meet up with your colleagues anytime you need to sign important documents. If you fail to sign the electronic files on time, there is a possibility that it can disrupt business operations. The Esign PDF becomes a more relevant tool now more than ever since the mode of working becomes online. Use this tool whenever your boss urgently needs documents with your signature!

  • Protect and Unlock PDF

When your document contains confidential information about the company, it is best to encrypt it by using the protect PDF tool. If you have an encrypted document, no one can ever access it without typing the associated password. There is also an unlock PDF feature that can decrypt anytime you want. 

In a Nutshell

Files in PDF become your companions from the start of your remote working experience up until now. They play a vital role in helping you get things done. However, managing it can be stressful without the use of reliable online PDF tools, such as GogoPDF!

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