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Top 5 Most Affordable Luxury Watch Brands and Models

Are you a budding collector, or you’ve been longing to buy at least one luxury watch? Wristwatches from reputable brands can be expensive and more difficult to find. However, manufacturers do not produce watches with the same price tag. This means if you do your research well, you might find models that won’t cost an arm and a leg. 

If you are looking for a watch that will last long in quality and looks good on you, then there are only a few names you should know in the horology world. Some of these brands have been around since the 19th century. Over the years, these companies have evolved and perfected their craft. If you wouldn’t like to spend your life’s savings on a single piece of the wristwatch, then here are affordable options from reputable brands. 

  • Rolex – Air-King

Starting at $7000, the Rolex Air King is considered an entry-level luxury watch for collectors. The Air-King is part of Rolex’s other air collection like the Air-Lion and Air-Giant. It was released in 1945 as a tribute to the British Royal Airforce. 

Rolex, a world-renowned watch manufacturer, has always been there to deliver high-quality timepieces to its consumers. The history of Rolex dates back to the year 1905 in London. And it gained great fame because of its pioneering technological advancement in the watch industry. 

Rolex first introduced the air-tight oyster model in 1926 and later on Milgauss, which was resistant to magnetization. They, later on, launched the Submariner line. The success of Rolex watches resulted in the further enhancement of the brand name, and it is today one of the most famous watch brands in the world.

As per the present times, Rolex produces various types of watches such as ladies’ dress watches, sports watches, military watches, luxury watches, etc. It also deals with creating Submariner, divers, and GMT. 

Rolex offers its customers various choices and can choose from the stainless steel, gold, and leather watch varieties. The price of these watches varies, and even if it is a luxury brand, you can find cheaper models. 

A Rolex watch can be bought easily from any Rolex shop or authorized Rolex outlets. You can get affordable watches from various online stores too, and you would be amazed at the variety and prices you can find. 

Most importantly, Rolex ensures its customers that the products purchased are authentic and designed according to the standards.  Hence, buying from an authorized Rolex site ensures that Rolex’s products are original and certified.

  • Bell and Ross – BR 01-92

Bell and Ross is a French luxury watch brand based in Paris, although their production is in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. They specialize in Swiss-made professional-grade watches. BR 01-92 is a wristwatch any aviation lover would appreciate. Starting at $4100, their prices are on the low side compared to other pilot wristwatches. 

Bell & Ross has been renowned for creating military, diving, and aviator-inspired watches. Bell & Ross timepiece collections feature elegant designs from Switzerland, with stainless steel cases, rubber straps, and unique dials. 

In recent years Bell & Ross have expanded their collection to include many more styles and types of watches, including sport watches and women’s watches. A Bell & Ross watch can last for a lifetime, but it will never go out of style. The luxury French watch brands also make watches with a highly legible dial. 

  • Cartier – Tank Solo 

The first tank solo was produced in 1916 by Louis Cartier. Military tanks inspired him, hence the distinctive rectangular shape of the watch. The price for a Cartier Tank Solo starts at $2500. The dial is legible and written in Roman numerals. 

With its status as one of the most prestigious and highly collectible luxury timepieces, the name Cartier is easily recognizable. The Company produces more than a dozen different luxury timepieces ranging from the classics to collections for today’s trendy individuals.

The Company also produces some impressive, less expensive timepieces that are still highly popular with fans and collectors. No matter what your style preference or financial situation, Cartier has an affordable wrist watch brand for you.

Cartier Tank watches, for example, have always been considered to be among the finest dressy and casual wristwatches on the market. Combining superior engineering with Cartier’s iconic style aesthetics, this sophisticated timepiece represents an ideal example of premium timekeeping while staying a classy accessory suited for all occasions. 

The same can be said for Cartier Drive, and Calibre watches available for those who want to express their adventurous and sporty side. While these models are generally less expensive than the company’s more expensive ranges, they represent some of the finest watches in the market and remain favorites with those who value the finest in Swiss watchmaking. Cartier also manufactures a variety of diversified luxury timepieces, including ones for men and women.

  • Chopard – Happy Sport 

Designed by Caroline Sheufele, artistic director and co-president, these watches go for about $5,300. People sometimes compare Chopard to other popular brands like Rolex. And with that fact alone, you can easily deduce that both brands have their loyal followers. Chopard is also those people who love Rolex but cannot afford to purchase its expensive luxury watch. 

The Chopard Happy Sport is a blend of functionality with fashion and style. Chopard watches have an elegant and classic look that’s made possible by talented designers. Chopard has proven that it can provide high-quality watches that can be relied on, whether an athlete or a fashionista. The case material used in making some Chopards are sapphire crystal, and its band is made from stainless steel. They are considered the premium brand that offers top-quality watches at affordable prices.

  • Breitling – Colt 

The colt was designed to be an easy-to-read military wristwatch; prices start at $2,550. The colt is legible and has dials in Roman numerals. Breitling is known for having quartz watches that offer less maintenance than their mechanical counterparts. The Breitling brand is dedicated to making good-looking wristwatches with innovative designs. 


Besides these brands mentioned above, other luxury watch brands are available for those who want to invest in the best luxury timepieces. When it comes to buying luxury brands, it is essential to assess whether or not it is genuinely worth the money. One can only achieve this by considering factors like the brands’ reputations and history. Note that in most cases, the higher the price, the better the quality.

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