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Energy Efficient Free Boiler Grant

The UK Government’s ECO3 scheme is now open to all homeowners, even for tenants who are renting. Like them, you can benefit  an energy-efficient boiler that’s free of charge. Take advantage of it as it replaces the old and inefficient boiler to a brand new energy-efficient one. This means that your yearly cost will decrease, it can even be down up to 65%, that’s £300-£600  depending on the boiler age and service history. Boilers are part of both the Green Home Grant and the Clean Heat Grant and it is becoming increasingly clear that boilers play a role in the UK’s low-carbon future. Note that homeowners do not receive support for replacing boilers with Green Home Grants, but there is support from the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO3), which has been extended until 2026. This scheme entitles homeowners, private tenants and low-income households to subsidies to cover the cost of new boilers.

The benefits of installing new boilers are also beneficial for the environment. The use of new energy-efficient boilers means that less energy is needed to heat houses and fewer carbon dioxide emissions are produced. This has implications for reducing the carbon footprint of individual households and supports the overarching objective of governments to reduce overall CO2 emissions in the UK. New energy-efficient boilers offer lower CO2 emissions. A typical 3-bed semi-detached house emits about 45 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, but you can reduce this by upgrading to a new energy-efficient gas boiler in your home.

Impact Energy Limited is a certified Green Deal Installer. Through the Free Boiler Grant Scheme, we have been able to help each and every one of our customers get a boiler that provides long-lasting performance and helps them save hundreds of pounds on their annual heating bills. There is a wide range of benefits associated with a successful Free Boiler Grant application, which will provide households who are eligible under the ECO3 scheme with more energy-efficient and cost-effective heating.

The Free Boiler Grant will be provided by ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers through the Government ECO3 Scheme. The ECO3 Grant is designed to ensure that major suppliers meet their obligations and help families in need. The assurance of robust installation will be guaranteed, leaving no trace of your old boiler when done. Included are installation of renewable heating systems and improved insulation of the loft, floor, cavity and wall. Full service will be given.  Households can use the installer of their choice. Boiler installers should be accredited by the competent authority. Gas installers must be registered in the gas safety register.

Big Six Energy Suppliers

  • Scottish Power
  • British Gas
  • E.ON
  • EDF
  • SSE
  • nPower

Here are some eligibles who qualify for a free boiler grant:

  • Pensioners
  • Single Parents
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Support Recipient
  • Working Tax Credits Recipient
  • Universal Credit Recipient
  • Disabled
  • Receiver of attendance Allowance
  • Receiver of  Carer’s Allowance

How do you qualify?

To qualify for a Free Boiler, you must be a homeowner. Tenants in a private rented accommodation who have not had a central heating system can benefit also for free boiler grant.  To be eligible for the benefit, free boiler subsidy depends on several factors. These vary according to the type of services received and the number of adults and children living in the property. People with long-term illness or disability may be entitled to free heating allowances provided they meet other criteria set by the government. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is one of the perks of the scheme. In some cases, a small contribution may be required. Additional criteria: Of these factors, the most important is that the household income of a working-age resident does not exceed the required greatest amount.

Once qualified, it will be handled by Impact Energy Limited’s Free Boiler Grant. Before the qualification process begins, you can easily access the grant by entering your postcode on the website and will take you less than 60 seconds. Team of professional energy consultants will handle the entire process. Moreover, if you receive any of the Income Related Benefits, the chance of getting a free boiler is on your way. Boiler must be 7+ years old running whether in Oil, Gas, LPG or Electric Supply. Many people are unaware that they are entitled to a free heating allowance for a new boiler, worried that replacing boiler will cost money. In fact, there will be savings once the boiler is operating. Ask yourself if your current boiler cost is worth your pocket. The scheme gives you a brand new boiler for free or at a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost. Don’t worry, if you are not entitled to a free boiler, you are still entitled to subsidized boiler.

The cost of a new boiler depends on fuel pellets, which in turn depends on the type of delivery, the distance from the supplier and the quantity you buy. A fed-in pellet boiler for an average home can cost between £9,000 and £20,000, including installation, fuel storage and taxes, but fed-in block boiler systems can be much cheaper. You could get help with the cost of replacing or repairing your boiler or other energy-saving improvements. It is also possible to obtain indications of other retrofitting of your heating system. Affordable heat obligation to replace or warm up is part of the ECO3 program. New building plots are not eligible for biomass boiler subsidy unless you build your own home. You must own your own home as a private or social landlord. The biomass fuel used by RHI participants must be sourced from a supplier and the biomass supplier must be listed at the time of purchase.

If you are not eligible for a free boiler subsidy from ECO3, you should look at other available options. There are several other government programs designed to help low-income people with certain benefits.


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