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The Impact of Poor Recruitment on Your Business

The quality of your staff can have a huge impact on the overall performance of your business. Hiring the wrong staff can determine the culture of your working environment, the relationship between your brand and the customer, and your internal productivity levels. Essentially, recruitment is an invaluable operation that should never be underappreciated. This guide is here to warn business owners of the impact of poor recruitment and offer some solutions to common recruitment problems.

You Hire the Wrong Employees

The most obvious impact of poor recruitment is simply that you hire the wrong employees. Hiring the wrong employee can have several effects on your business; these include:

  • Drain of resources

An employee that does not have the level of experience or skills to perform their job well will drain resources as they require more training. Furthermore, you risk wasting more time later down the line if you need to replace an ill-thought-out hire.

  • Damage to company culture

If you hire an employee who does not fit into your company culture, you risk damaging the working environment and conflict developing between members of staff.

  • Reduced productivity levels

The wrong employee has the power to seriously limit productivity output levels as your staff has to wait or adjust their working schedules around the new hire.

To combat the very real issues of hiring the wrong person for a job you must take time to write a very clear job description. You should comprehensively outline the qualifications, skills, or experience needed to fulfill the job description. Think deeply about the type of person that will thrive in your company and enjoy the work. To do this, you will need to think about the job itself and the demands of your organization and working culture.

Clearly outlining a job description will have two distinct benefits. Firstly, it will help candidates better understand the demands and specifications of the role. Secondly, it will help you better understand what your ideal candidate looks like.

You Waste Time and Resources

Another impact of poor recruitment is that you waste a huge amount of time and resources on the wrong hire. Recruitment is a very demanding process, which is what often leads companies to impulsively hire an employee without giving them due thought.

To combat both the cause and effects of resource-intensive recruitment, you should use Application Tracking Software. This software can help you to more effectively manage the recruitment process. It also automates some of the more time-consuming processes like prospect screening which means that you are free to focus your attention on finding the right hire.

You Cannot Fill Your Vacancy

Another outcome of poor recruitment is that you are finding it difficult to fill your vacancy. This can be hugely frustrating for business owners as you are likely struggling with a lack of staff while also wasting resources on recruitment. There are two main reasons why businesses struggle to fill a vacancy. The first reason is that they are not advertising in the right place. You should try to imagine your ideal candidate and then think of the most appropriate places to advertise your vacancy. The second reason is a poorly written job description. Review your job description and try to make it more appealing to a potential prospect. This does not have to mean increasing the salary you offer. Simply changing the tone of a job description can affect its impact.

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