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Envisioning Future Mobility: A Vivid Picture of Automotive Safety

Future mobility solutions are bringing noticeable convenience in the transport industry, but they are also giving rise to the menace of lethality.  Driving on road is more like endangering one life into the well of death game where no one but your skills and expertise can save your life. It is one of those very risky and attention-oriented activities that require a whole lot of precautionary measures. Therefore it is a paramount concern for both the manufacturer as well as driver.

Evolution in Automotive Safety

Automotive safety is one area that is successfully keeping pace with everyday customer needs. The concept has gone through protection to prevention and prediction. Today, safety as a paramount concern has engaged the giant auto manufacturers in a head to head race competitions. They need to come up with more innovative and creative safety solutions for getting ahead of the competition.

The automotive safety evolution started from seatbelt integration in the 1960s and 1970s. Soon it evolved into technologies like airbags, structural engineering and a long list of built-in protective measures and capabilities. In order to reduce the CO2 emission, and to fulfill the government and consumer demands, leading auto manufacturers are on their pursuit to accelerate plans to introduce all-electric and hybrid electric(EV/HEV) cars. torrents of concerns for safety also influencing brands to come up with advances in occupant protection system and ensure the safest journey to the passengers on board.

Shifting Reputation into High Gear

The vehicle safety is the key driving force in the emergence of an intelligent transportation system with plenty of new advances and business opportunities. The whirlwind of change is also disrupting the industry dynamics, ushering new players to step in and shifting the roles of already established players. Today, the introduction of potentially transformative technologies is critical for the sales success of the brands and they are leveraging advances in technology to complement initial protection and prevention capabilities.

Safety is no longer confined to the seat belts and airbags protecting drivers and passengers. Advance methods like vehicle mechanics, controls, communications, man-machine interface, human factor, AI and machine learning along cognitive science is being utilized to come up with active and passive safety amenities. Walk through a showroom and it would be hard pressed to find a basic model that lacks traction control or anti-lock brakes designed to augment the driver skills. The computing power underlying these technologies is also becoming cheaper and more powerful. Features like lane departure systems, adaptive cruise control, collision detection, and much more enhancing driver skills and go far beyond simple warning systems which are based on intelligent steering and braking assist. In short, Today’s cars are more like moving computers with system and model crunching data at an incredible rate to use in real time.

Cadences of Safe Mobility

Future mobility is about practical mobility, safety, and congestion mitigation. Brands engaged in the tough rivalry are offering an innovative and creative feature to ensure passenger protection. The rich avenue of safety development is playing a key role in changing the direction for vehicle manufacturers. As mentioned above the concept of safety has gone through prevention to protection and prediction. Therefore, the introduction of active, passive and connected mobility is taking out the lead.

Passive Safety

Passive safety amenities help to alleviate the damages in the accident. This foundational base ensuring safety has received considerable advances in the past 50 years. They are also redesigned to moderate or minimize the effect of impact on the pedestrian in the event of a collision. First and foremost passive safety aspects are living space, a protected area around vehicle occupant which increases the chances of escaping a crash with minimal injuries. Secondly, the crumple zone absorbs and distribute the crash forces before they approach the driver and passenger seat. Moreover, seatbelts, airbags, and headrest keep passenger stationery within the living space when an accident occurs and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Passive safety amenities are of grave concern as they minimize the severity of the crash injuries. Constant development and innovation are bringing more advances in safety and passenger protection arena.

Active Safety

Active safety aspects aim to prevent or mitigate the crashes when they do happen or they work to prevent an accident from happening. The amenities under active category always stay active and work continuously in order to keep a passenger from getting into an accident. Electronically controlled and computer-oriented features come under this category. Features like traction control, electronic stability control and braking system along features like advanced driver assist system, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning notify about the possible menace on road.

Programs like Honda sensing suite and Toyota safety sense bundled several active safety aspects ensuring greater peace of mind to the buyers on board.

Connected Mobility

A whirlwind of change is disrupting the industry dynamics, ushering new players to take out the lead and shifting the roles of already established players in the industry. Passive safety is considerably the foundational base upon which active safety aspects are built. More recent efforts underway enable the rider to enjoy information sharing between vehicles and between the vehicles and surroundings. The brands engaged in the fierce competition are coming up with intelligent mobility solutions to make riding a thrilling and outstanding experience. Intelligent mobility is a whole new driving experience, making people move through life with greater confidence, excitement, and connection to the world around. It is a massive business opportunity which is all about moving people and goods in an easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly way.

Breakthrough advances in introduction of autonomous vehicles and the emergence of a driverless car will soon become a commercial reality. Integrated communication technologies and the internet of things are providing a valuable base on the emergence of potential safety advances.

Bottom Line

A car accident is a common phenomenon with profound implications. Lack of driver’s due diligence, bad weather or rough terrain anything can cause this unforeseen and unavoidable event. Integration and advances in safe mobility solutions is the only way which can help to avoid the unavoidable. Currently, car manufacturers are engaged in tough rivalry to come up with some significant safety advances and help to avoid the unavoidable.  Recent safety advances and the upcoming developments are helping to envision that future mobility solutions, intelligent mobility, and the driverless revolution will become viable, safe, convenient and economical.

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