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Fencing Trends for 2022 and Beyond

For a long while, the fence or boundary wall lost favor in design circles, and everything was preferred open.Walls, fences, and hedges between properties seemed to shrink in size, and the white picket front fence all but disappeared in many places around the country. But as with all good design features, the boundary fence is making a comeback. Here are some of the topfencing trends to look out for in 2022:

Naturalgabions using localrock

Natural is back and has been for a while. The rock gabions popularized in road construction are being used in a much more sophisticated, sleekmanner with local rocks, stones, and even rubble used to fill fences and boundary walls. The gabion is based on a cage or wire basket that is filled with stone and will last a lifetime based on the material used to make the cage. They are all the rage in exterior design at the moment.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

A fence is installed to last, and with those that are available from eComposite Products, any fence that you install today could indeed outlast the house itself. These fences will need little to no maintenance. This is a major trend and speaks to the need to go greener in our construction methods and materials. Thus, the use of recycled plastic and wood waste with bio-based adhesives means these composites are in demand.


Color has permeated fencing. Gone is the white picket fence that dominated middle America for so long, and we herald a new way as we begin to see a whole range of colors on our streets as fences take on a new look. Whether it is painting an existing fence or wall with a bright color, a mural, or having the prefabricated fence come in a camboge yellow, color is in, and you can experiment quite nicely on your fencing.

Include lighting in the design

A trend that started in 2021 and will remain popular in the long term is the inclusion of lights in the fence design. These can be retrofitted but having them included in the original design and installation means a more seamless discreet lighting setup. The trend is to see the lightswhen needed and yet not necessarily have them stand out as a design feature. It isall about having them discreetlyincluded in the fence and yet still able to provide boundary and security lighting where you need it.

Laser-cut design

Based on the materials that are now available, thereis also the ability to mold, shape, press, or cut these materials to produce the exact design and shapes that you want in a fence. Mirror the siding and go horizontal or have an intricate design laser cut into your panels to provide a bespoke piece of art that can function as a security and privacybarrier as well.

Fencing has come a long way from the simple galvanized wire mesh or planks and pickets, and it is incumbent upon you to ensure that you are both aware of and also open to the use of these new materials to keep your home design fresh and on-trend.

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