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Health and Fitness Benefits of Boxing

If you want to remain physically fit and healthy boxing is a great choice aerobic exercise. There are tremendous effects of boxing on your overall fitness. It can elevate your mood, it helps in maintaining blood pressure, gives body endurance to increase body fitness. Boxing is a complete body workout, it also helps in developing stronger bones. Many health care practitioners force people of old age to practice boxing in order to make their bones stronger and prevent osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular endurance

Boxing is an excellent choice workout for cardiovascular endurance. It engages every muscle of your heart, prevents your heart from various heart strokes, and overcomes the risk of heart disease. Each and every punch on sandbag works on your heart making it stronger and stronger. Increasing your body stamina and endurance. Boxing also makes your heart work efficiently on each and every muscle of your body, improving more blood flow to them and feeding them with more life.  Boxing is not all about punching sandbags with boxing gloves all the time instead boxers also improve your body endurance through cycling, biking, rope jumping, and treadmills.


As we get old our bones and joints start getting weak. Boxing is a weight-bearing exercise and it helps us to make our bones and joints get stronger and dense. So, bone-building exercise is important for your bones and joints. Boxing also helps to increase your bone mass. Every punch you deliver on a punching bag works on your shoulder, arms, and joints. The more you tend to perform the aerobic workout, the more your bones will get stronger and bigger. So, most people who are touching their old age perform boxing so that their balance will be improved and they should not get dependent on others. Because as we get old we may fall because of disturbed equilibrium. Boxing fixes all these fears which we have to face in older age.

Tone up your muscles with boxing

Another benefit of boxing is that it tones up your body muscles. It not only makes your body quick but also makes it strong. It also increases your bone mass. The more will be your bone mass, the stronger and bigger will be your bones. Various punches that you deliver not only work on your shoulders, arms, core, and joints but also build your muscles too. Serious boxers and athletes after having boxing sessions perform another workout also like push-ups, pull-ups, running, and cycling. As boxing increases your speed and strength it also makes your muscles more toned up instead of the bulky muscles which weight lifters have. Besides that Boxing gives more power and explosiveness to your body.

Better hand and eye coordination through boxing

As hands and eye coordination play a vital role in boxing. Boxing includes lots of coordinations, as you have to bounce around and you should exactly know where you have to punch. So for that first of all, you need to learn about hands and eye coordination. Speed bags also help you to improve your hand and eye coordination and also improves connection with the brain.

Building up confidence

When your body gets muscular and gets in shape you will notice that you start feeling confident too. Your self-esteem will be aroused and you will start enjoying your life more. How do we look? This thing has a huge impact on our self-esteem. So boxing built up more confidence in you especially when you win in the ring.

Boost up mood

The workout is the best activity to overcome depression and anxiety. When you sweat your body releases hormones which will make you feel good. So intense aerobic workout is the best thing to elevate your mood when you are feeling down. The hormone named as endorphins is actually an anti-anxiety hormone. Another hormone that is released during an intense workout is serotonin, it will also help to improve your pattern of appetite and sleep.

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