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How to Start the Exercise and Stick to It

Exercise is the foremost important thing in your life. It prevents you from several life-threatening diseases and may increase the number of years of life. Exercise has amazing effects on your health. It prevents you from cancer, diabetes Mellitus 2, osteoporosis, arthritis, and several heart diseases and also maintains your blood pressure. Some people find it difficult to take an initiative to start an exercise. And they have certain excuses like I’m too old to do exercise, I am too busy, I hate to exercise, exercise causes pain and it’s difficult, and my health is not good enough. But today I will tell you simple tips which you should follow to make a start for an exercise. But first of all, there are certain precautions which you should keep in mind before starting any sort of exercise. But before start I would recommend you to get some workout clothes for yourself.

1.warm ups

Startup with warm-ups. Warm-ups are essential to do before doing any workout. It makes your body ready for a workout. So, if you have to run, start walking first, and if you have to lift heavy weights, warm up yourself with stretching or any low pace activity.

  1. Cooldown before workout

After any intense workout tries to cool down and relax. Make your cardiac rhythms come to its resting position. it’s good to stretch when you are trying to cool because your limbs, legs, and joints are still warm. Jog or walk after running or do stretching after strength training exercise. You can also have a hot water bath, or have some peppermint tea.

  1. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself

Your body needs to get hydrated after exertion or workout. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after a workout for better performance.  Your muscles can also get inflamed or can get soreness if you don’t drink sufficient water. Your cells, organs, and muscles utilize water to regulate water.

Set up goals for doing exercise

Start your exercise with easy goals. If you set up a difficult one then you won’t be able to achieve them, will give up, and will get discouraged. So it’s better to start with an easy one. Let’s start with a 30 minutes workout, if 30 minutes seems difficult start with a 15 minutes workout. It’s better to do something instead of remaining inactive.

Choose an activity which you enjoy doing

If you are not interested in doing some activity or workout don’t stick to it and don’t think like it’s what you have to do. For example, if you are lifting weight in the gym and you are not enjoying it, then switch to some other workout which can make you feel good and happy.

Remind yourself

If you want to make it a habit of joining the gym and doing workout on a daily basis then fix time on your alarm clock. Whatever time suits you either its morning or evening just adjust your timing and make up your routine. Early morning workout before going to the office will make you active the whole day.

Get social and enjoy your workout.

Some people tend to do exercise or any workout in a better way when they have good company around. You can have a fun time with your fellows. This thing makes you motivated. For people who don’t like competition, they should join clubs like dancing clubs, gymnastics, or aerobics. They can also join a water sports club, can join a tennis club or volleyball club.

Fear of joining a gym

Some people don’t join the gym because of the fear that they are not trained. They think that if they will join the gym people will stare at them during the workout and will observe them. This fear keeps them off from the gym. But don’t get afraid instead get guidance from your gym trainer. They will give you complete guidance about which workout is suitable for your body type and what nutrients you need to take on a daily basis.

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