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Health Benefits Of Taking Collagen Pills

The most common protein present in the human body is collagen. It is an essential component of the connective tissues that form several body parts such as muscles, skin, ligaments, tendons, and more. Some of the important functions of collagen include strengthening the bones and providing the skin with structure. For the past few years, collagen pills have become extremely popular. These pills are mostly hydrolysed so that people can absorb it easily. Collagen offers innumerable health benefits, and this article will talk about four of such science-backed benefits.

 Collagen improves skin health

 The major component of human skin is collagen. It strengthens the skin by providing it hydration and elasticity. As people age, their body produces lesser quantities of collagen that leads to the formation of dry skin and wrinkles. Taking collagen pills helps in the reduction of wrinkles and increases skin hydration. After taking supplements for nearly 8-12 weeks, the body itself starts producing collagen. Moreover, collagen supplements also promote the production and development of various proteins that help in structuring the skin.

Collagen helps to relieve joint pain

Taking collagen pills is highly beneficial for joint pains as it maintains the integrity of the cartilage. With age, the collagen production level decreases. This increases the risk of the formation of degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis. Multiple studies have proved that taking collagen pills helps in improving symptoms of osteoarthritis. Researchers have pointed out that supplemental collagen might get accumulated in the cartilage that stimulates the tissues to produce collagen on its own. This may even lead to lower inflammation rate that further provides the joints with better support and reduced pain. A regular dosage of eight to twelve grams of collagen supplements can offer potential pain-relieving effects.

Collagen can prevent bone loss

Bones in the human body are mostly made up of collagen. It gives them structure as well as keeps them strong. Since with age, the collagen level in the body deteriorates, so does the mass of bones. This leads to low bone density along with increased chances of bone fracture. According to various studies, taking collagen pills helps in inhibiting the bone from breakdown. Women who take collagen have an increased bone mineral density by 7% compared to women who do not consume collagen.

Collagen promotes heart health

Collagen offers structure to the arteries. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the entire body. If the collagen level is low in the body, the arteries might become fragile and weak. This might cause atherosclerosis, a disease that is characterised by narrowing down of the arteries. Moreover, this disease has the potential to cause stroke and heart attack.

In a study, thirty-one healthy adults took sixteen grams of collagen for six months daily. In the end, they faced a significant reduction in the stiffness of arteries. In addition to that, collagen pills also increase the level of HDL cholesterol by nearly six per cent, which helps in preventing heart conditions.


 It can be clearly seen that in-take of collagen pills can cater to overall health requirements of the human body. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, collagen supplements also help in weight loss, improve brain health, improve gut health,  as well as increase the strength of hair and nails. It is advised to take collagen supplements as they are already hydrolyzed or broken down, and this helps the collagen to get absorbed in the blood more efficiently and easily.

Author bio: Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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