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4 Practical Uses Of Bee Propolis For The Body

Honey is one of the most common cupboard staples in every household around the world. People use this popular substance from honey bees to sweeten their food and as a natural remedy to a lot of illnesses. But honey is not the only beneficial product produced by bees. Everyone can also use the bee propolis for a plethora of health benefits. The primary function of the propolis or the “bee glue” is to hold and protect the entire hive. But this viscous substance has a reputation for having healing properties that can help in different health conditions.

Human consumption of bee propolis began centuries ago, when ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations consume or apply this in their bodies as a type of medicine. They believe that it has plenty of natural antioxidants that can benefit anyone who will use it.

If you find a bottle of useful bee propolis at home, you can use it for the following functions.

Promote Better Immune System

Several studies suggested that bee propolis can work wonders on a person’s immune system. According to recent research, the antimicrobial properties of bee propolis can help alleviate cold syndromes, such as the common cold, respiratory tract infections, and other flu-like infections. Another study also claimed that the number of acute or chronic flu symptoms in school children decreased significantly using bee propolis. So whenever you or your family experiences the first signs of sniffles or itchy throat, you can start spraying a bee propolis product directly in your throat.

Takes Extra Care Of The Skin

Bee propolis extracts are also perfect for including in your skincare routine for various reasons. Aside from helping you achieve supple and smooth skin, you can also treat several common skin ailments using this product. Several studies tried using it to treat warts, where they received outstanding results. Based on the study, bee propolis can stop the proliferation of planes and common warts by 75% and 73%, respectively. The anti-inflammatory properties of bee propolis can also help in treating psoriasis and eczema as well as cold sores.

Helps Fight Cancer 

While there are limited studies to back up this claim, more people believe that people battling cancer will get well with the use of bee propolis products. Early studies claimed that this essential bee product could help combat several types of cancers, like colon and prostate cancer. According to the studies, the propolis can kill the cancer cells through necrosis. It means that it can interrupt the cell’s blood supply until it dies naturally without harming the body’s healthy cells. While this study needs additional proof of evidence from other researches, it remains safe to assume that bee propolis can help in treating cancer cases.

Combats Inflammation

Another widespread use for this kind of honey bee product is for fighting inflammation. The extracts of bee propolis contain a substance that can block a type of threonine or serine kinase called the PAK-1. It can help in dramatically reducing the signs of chronic inflammation based on a study tested on mice and fruit flies. The effect may benefit human bodies as well.

With regular consumption, bee propolis extracts can serve as alternative medicine that aids in treating the disease mentioned earlier. But like any other medicines, it would be best to consult with medical experts to check if it will not have any adverse effect on your body, especially if you also take other kinds of treatments. Still, keeping a bottle of bee propolis extract at home could be a good idea.

Author bio: Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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