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Helpful Tips for Maintaining your Lawn-Mower

Lawn-Mower owners may experience common engine problems such as difficulty to start or to turn over. These typical problems don’t require drastic measures immediately. In fact, fixing them is not rocket science too. It’s a matter of getting familiar with the Briggs and Stratton parts, accessories, and engine to make the repair of the equipment easier and faster. Learning how to perform a quick-fix solution can perhaps save the owner hundreds of dollars instead of replacing a new one.

Generally, these concerns may be due to overlooked maintenance procedures, especially if it is an overhead valve engine. These types of engines have special features called compression release, which allows a smooth start-up instead of a hard crank. Usually, it opens the valve in advance, to bleed off the excess compression.

At times if the engine quickly turns over and hiccups, or simply not starting at all, then the issue may be on fuel supply.

Finding the cause of the problem

When diagnosing the problem, the process requires a voltmeter. It starts by checking the battery voltage on every terminal; it has to have roughly 12 volts. The next step requires assistance from another person, which is checking the voltage at the starter while the key is at the start position. With the one lead from the volt measuring device on the post of the cable connected to the starter and the other lead to the engine block, the voltage should be similar to the battery. It’s no big deal if there’s a drop of a volt. If everything seems fine, then it is a rational diagnosis to presume the compression release.

An excellent compression release performance needs proper adjustment of the valve lash. The adjustment process only requires limited tools. It is wise to include the adjustment procedure in the regular maintenance of the machine.

Routine check-up

Regardless of the kind of lawn-mower, the equipment works like a car. Routine check-ups on areas is a must. Also, it can’t stay unattended or unused for a long time. Every now and then, turn on the lawn-mower because this is one way of finding out the problems. Before using it, a thorough inspection of the hanging cables, bolts, loose nuts, and the entire Briggs and Stratton parts is necessary.

In addition, some parts and accessories may require replacement. Eventually, these pieces of hardware wear out, primarily if the machine is used frequently. Investing in good quality parts and accessories is highly advisable. Usually, owners tend to buy inexpensive replacements. Though, some may work but not for long. It just costs them more. While doing the grass cutting, avoid stones and other hard particles.

Keeping a decent front or backyard lawn is pretty impressive for the neighbours. Whether in a suburb or in an urban setting, lawn maintenance is essential. With that said, the idea requires a top-grade lawn-mower. It can be annoying when the time for grass cutting comes to find out that the mower is not starting. Or perhaps in the middle of trimming, the gas runs out. These are common maintenance issues that owners should be aware of. The equipment is as essential as any other cleaning device at home. Make sure to keep it in good condition all the time.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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