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Here Is How You Can Know Your Home Is Being Attacked By Termites

Controlling termites is very hard since infestation symptoms sometimes go ignored until it’s too late. Learning the signs of termites and how they establish their colonies will help keep your home safe from these virtually invisible bugs. Below are four signs provided by one of the best pest control companies to know if you have termites in your house.

Termites that have been breeding in your home for years can destroy thousands of dollars. Homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover this form of damage.

Be proactive in preventing termite damage by regularly checking for termite signs in your home and maintaining a termite protection plan provided by one of the best pest control companies which include an annual inspection of the termite. It helps remove the anxiety in you,  about having to patch new damage to the termite. If you doubt that your house might be infected, then it is the best option to contact the best pest control Auburn company and get it resolved with their best pest control services.

Termites may also live for an extended period before being found on your property or inside your house. Whether it’s dry wood termites that burrow deep into wooden buildings or subterranean termites that are found mainly underground, these distinct intruders can be hard to detect until extensive harm has been done. It’s essential to identify the warning signs as soon as possible to help keep the damage to a minimum.

Are Termites Harmful?

The good News? Termites won’t affect your well-being. The terrible news? They can cause major havoc in your house.

Termites neither spread any disease nor do they bite humans. The structural harm that they can do if left unchecked can be incredible, though!

Termite infestation is typically not noticeable until significant damage is caused. They live in a dim, hot, and secure climate, making it so challenging to locate until it is too late.

As termites devour their way through the wood from the inside, detecting a termite infestation can be very difficult, but some tell-tale signs do let us know of their existence.

Harmful or not, but it is always advisable that you consult the best pest control company to help you with the termite infestation and save your home with the help of their best pest control services.

What Does Termite Infestation Look Like?

The first hint of a termite problem might be small flying insects – known as Termite Swarmers – flying near to your windows and leaving their wings behind. Generally, this occurs in springtime.

Nevertheless, termites are active all year round, and because flying ants look very close to termite swarmers, accurate identification is essential as part of a personalized professional solution.

Termites are elusive animals, and it can be tough to find them. For several years, they can live undetected in hollow doors and wall vacuums.

Aside from detecting termite swarmers in the spring, the harm they inflict on properties is another clear indication of their existence. In reality, to say whether you have termites in your house, it is always better to check for signs of early damage that they usually can cause.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites live underground, but they must come out for their source of food: your home. Termites survive only at a specific temperature, and the mud tubes help keep them cool and dry when moving. You will find these tubes on the outside of your house, where they attach to the ground. Tubes, such as doors or windows, can also be seen around entry-level. If you find any of the mud tubes at your home, it is recommended that you contact the nearest best pest control services to get them checked and eradicated.

Wings That Come From Nowhere

Termites usually swarm over a home after it rains during the spring. You can find tiny, winged insects near your light fixtures if your home is swarming. Most people confuse them for being moths or other insects when they are termites. After swarming the termites, they usually lose their wings. If you find wings in or near your walls, there is a moderate risk that the initial swarm will nest in or under your house.

Damage To The Foundation

The type of base on which your property is constructed has a significant influence on how easy termites can be to gain entry into the food quest. While many foundations nowadays are made of concrete and termites do not eat concrete inside these concrete blocks, they can squeeze into any crack and from there gain access to floor joists, which are still made from wood. If constructing an extension, place a chemical termite barrier under the concrete slab to prevent termites from passing through foundation cracks. Homes with crawl spaces tend to be at higher risk of damage because their foundations are often made of wood historically.

Doors And Windows That Are Difficult To Open

Their excrement or ‘dust’ produces a defensive layer that traps heat and moisture as termites devour timber. It causes the timber to swell, making the infested windows and doors more challenging to open or close. Get help from the best pest control companies and get the possible solution for terminating the termites from your home with their best pest control services.

Damaged Roof Tiles

Accessing moisture in your home may attract termites due to loose, damaged, or damp roof tiles. Broken roof tiles are a great source of moisture, attracting termites and giving them more access within your house. When inside, termites can quickly navigate through a house, attacking and chewing away at components of wood in all locations. To stop making your roof a refuge for termites, make it a practice to remove any damaged or water-logged roof tiles.

Wood That Sounds Hollow When You Bang It

Because termites’ primary source of food is wood, and they are practically invisible, knocking on solid wood surfaces is an effective way to test for termites. When termites eat from the inside out through doors and wooden beams or walls, they build hollow, wooden pathways. When you knock at a door, and it sounds hollow rather than solid, consider testing certain items, such as support beams, and calling a pest control company.

Peeling Paint Like Water Damage

When termites fly to their food supply from their colony, making their new home, they bring water with them. It causes an internal build-up of moisture beneath wooden surfaces. When termites infest the wood in your painted walls, the humidity will gradually produce bubbles or peel in the paint, much as a water leak would do.

Drywood Droppings

Drywood termites nest inside the wood. They build galleries while tunneling and consuming the wood they infest, they want to keep them clean. They make kick out holes to keep them clean, where they expel their excrement. And because dry wood termites consume wood, the excrement is wood, which effectively produces pellet mounds. Such mounds of pellets may indicate the existence of dry wood termites, which resemble sawdust or coffee grounds.

Get Help As Soon As Possible

Note, these symptoms will only become apparent after the presence of termites for months or even years. The best way to protect your home from severe structural damage is to have one of the best pest control companies inspect your home every year. Such specialists are qualified to spot even the most unspeakable signs of termite activity, potentially saving you in-home repair from thousands of dollars.

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