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Here’s Why You Need a Vendor’s Advocate

To put it simply, a vendor advocate is essentially the project manager for your property sale. The vendor’s advocate is there to help you sell your property and is involved all the way from the initial planning phase, all the way to settlement.

 Here are some of the things a vendor’s advocate can do: 

  •     They can help you prepare the property for the market.
  •     They can help the real estate agent compete for your listening to make sure you have the right agent for the area and property type. 
  •     They can help you select the type of sale.
  •     They can coordinate the legalities of the sale including contracts.
  •     They can arrange a staging of the property.
  •     They can help determine marketing expenditure.
  •     They can negotiate with buyers and other agents on your behalf. 

Who Can Use a Vendor’s Advocate?

Vendor advocates have been around for about ten years, but their popularity in Australia has only boomed in recent years.

As the name suggests, the advocate acts on behalf of the seller. In other words, they say they are responsible for holding the real estate agent to their promises, making sure they use the right marketing strategy, spend money efficiently on advertising, and have the seller’s best interests in mind. 

 Seller advocates claim that they save sellers money by negotiating better sales terms and also make their money by offering a better sales price. But it’s important to make sure that when you choose a vendor’s advocate in Melbourne, you pick the best option. Overall, Wakelin has been the best option for people hoping to sell in Melbourne’s metro area. 

 Why Use A Vendor’s Advocate?

Why is this becoming all the rage in Melbourne? Here are the top reasons.

 An Expert on Your Side

Your agent doesn’t always have your best interests in mind. Some will say and do anything to get your listing and then convince you to sell quickly. Vendor advocates can protect you from deceptive tactics that agents may use to pressure you into choosing them or accepting a low offer. A vendor’s advocate can determine the right strategy for selling your home: price, agent, timing, preparation and more. You have someone to help you make decisions. Someone you can call when you have questions or concerns. Selling a house in Melbourne is often a million-dollar deal, so it pays to have an expert plan your strategic approach.

Overall Less Stress 

Selling your home is stressful! There are plenty of decisions and logistical elements to juggle.  You have to deal with sales campaigns, open homes, surprise inspections and more. Plus, there are agents, who can be rather pushy to get your listing. Once you’ve signed with an agent, they can be pushy again. They’ll be pressuring you to pay more for marketing, or agree to a campaign that suits them, not you. A vendor advocate can’t take all the stress away. But an advocate can make the process much easier. They deal with your agent, so you are free from daily sales calls. They can also guide the strategy and keep agents doing what they do best, without unnecessary extras. The advocate is who you should turn to when you need to make the countless little decisions that come with selling your home. 

This peace of mind comes from just having someone with no agenda on your side when selling your home.

 Less Stress Overall 

Selling a home is so stressful. There are many decisions and logistical elements to choose from. You have to deal with sales campaigns, open days and surprise inspections, to name a few.

There are also agents who can be quite pushy when it comes to getting your listing for themselves, and then pressure you into making decisions you don’t want to take. A vendor’s advocate can’t take all the stress away. But they can make the process much easier.

The vendor will handle your agent, so you are free from the daily sales calls. They also manage the strategy and get agents to do what they do best, without unnecessary extras. Overall, a vendor is a person to turn to when you have many small decisions to make when it comes to selling your home. 

Auction Day Support

If you decide to undertake an auction for your property, you will be stressed on the day. You’ll be thinking about whether your home will sell, whether will there be any bidders, and how about the auctioneer, what if they’re no good? 

Making calm strategic decisions is difficult in such conditions. A vendor will be with you and by your side during the auction. You will have many people around on auction day giving you unsolicited advice. Your seller’s attorney will help you overcome this stress and leave you calm and in control.


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