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How to Earn more Money from Referrals?

Are you looking for a profitable side hustle to put some extra income into your account every month? Something where you don’t have to spend hours or days working on?

You’re not alone.

With the increase in prices for everything, an extra income every month is more than welcome.

We are not talking about nickel & dime in exchange for heavy lifting. We are talking about earning real money in exchange for a simple task.


Good. But first, let’s cover some basics.

What is a referral program? 

A referral program is where a company/business/enterprise reward you to recommend them to others.

Rewards can be in the form of cash, credits, vouchers, goodies & experiences.

Why referral? 

People are 2x more likely to pay attention to referrals from a friend. Referrals can help brands acquire new customers with higher brand loyalty and help the people referring earn some passive income each month. Lenskart, Uber, Google Pay, and Airbnb have benefitted from attractive referral schemes and helped their affiliates earn a healthy referral bonus consistently.

Check out the Nestaway Refer and Earn Program

Unlimited refer and earn tricks

  1. Share your referral link/code on all open platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, Telegram, Quora, and if there are industry-specific platforms.
  2. Check all the industry-specific platforms for leads & share them.
  3. Leverage society, company, business, community WhatsApp groups.
  4. Make a small video on how you are earning from referrals.
  5. Show off your rewards to get more attention from your target audience.
  6. Reach out to the right audience & handhold them with the process.
  7. Piggybacking on Facebook posts is also a great way to earn more money from referrals.

How does referral work at Nestaway? 

Step to step guide on How you can refer Nestaway with your friends/family/colleagues/social media:

Tips from Nestaway Referral Heroes: 

Yogesh Nagpal

Affiliate marketer

Here are two important things to earn from sharing referrals

  1. Understand Your Audience — For any business or work like this, you need to understand who your targeted audience is according to your product/ service. Remember “Riches are in the niches”’
  2. Give value first then ask for a favor — After you define your audience before you target them, you need to ask yourself why someone would signup up or register with you, will my audience get some benefits, you need to create some sort of value first and then ask for a favor.

Once you have defined these 2, you will know exactly where to promote your experience & make money out of it.


Working professional

Reasons why I refer:

  1. The overall experience has been very good.
  2.  It is not just a satisfactory stay, but I am enjoying my stay. It feels like home. So whenever the topic comes up I share my experience with friends/colleagues & suggest them to ease the house-hunting process with Nestaway & also share my referral code immediately.


Working professional

  1. I broadcast my referral code to all my contacts on WhatsApp.
  2. Share my referral code with anyone who visits the house.
  3. I also share it on various flat & flatmate groups on Facebook.
  4. I also comment under posts on Facebook groups under the make money online niche (under the term “piggybacking”) as a great way to get referrals.



I am part of the society groups & a lot of people post tenant leads & owner leads in the group. I just use those leads & share them with Nestaway and other similar platforms. It is a source of some extra money for me.

Shubhashish Dixit 

Data Analyst

  • I write answers on quora for all house hunting, and rental questions & share my code there.
  • Target people who I hear are looking for homes in my office or in my close group & help them in finding the best house as per their requirements & help them get additional discounts using my referral code.
  • I am a part of a lot of community groups online, I share my referral code there.


Choose an attractive referral program where you don’t have to put a high effort in referring a friend/colleague and you can maximize your earnings simultaneously. Make sure you do your research on the terms & conditions of the referral program before enrolling. Personally, we would recommend a program where you can earn an Unlimited Referral bonus and a high amount per referral.

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