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How Mars Air Door Can Help Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 tells us that everybody’s everyday life should include good sanitary procedures. The basic task of cleaning your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and/or using alcohol-based disinfectants greatly decreases the likelihood of this and many other pathogens being contracted.

For all those inside the building, it has never been more critical for building owners and facility managers to monitor airborne radiation. In order to keep buildings cleaner, the CDC and ASHRAE all agree on higher sanitation requirements now that airborne COVID-19 transmission is sufficiently possible. To govern airborne radiation, construction practices may include:

  • Increase sanitation and hygiene processes
  • Suitable filtration and ventilation
  • Save energy
  • Improved HEPA fan/filtration system to improve air circulation for air purification
  • As a supplement to help remove the virus, ultraviolet disinfectant radiation (UVGI)
  • HVAC systems are well-engineered, mounted, installed, and managed, with complementary filtration and UVV.

Mars Air Door will help you take care of hygiene and ambient control in four majors ways, and eventually, help in dealing with the virus.

Doorway and Entryways Air Curtain

Air curtains open with a gust of wind that allows both climate control/environmental isolation and prevention of flying insects, small organisms, and pathogens when the structure’s doors are unlocked.

There are a variety of different suppliers of air curtains, but one interpretation we prefer is the Mars Air Curtains that all our customers have unique hygiene, sanitation, and HEPA filtration criteria. Mars sells additional HEPA filtration systems and settings, heat blowers, and insect protection.

  • Helps to maintain appropriate surroundings
  • Reduces absenteeism for staff
  • The airborne dust barrier, waste, fumes, and unpleasant odors.
  • Help decrease the biological load to provide room-wide protection inside a confined space
  • Kill the air curtain device that passes through biological pollutants

Based on Simplicity/Ease of Access

The air curtains create an invisible shield that creates an unobtrusive barrier against exterior elements without distracting from the architecture of the house. In places where doors are left open for long sections, or have to be continuously opened during the day, or even at an entrance that needs to be kept open for strategic reasons, air curtains would be particularly useful.

They are not only helpful at entrances but are also manufactured in industries such as entrances to packaging areas/food storage areas or entrances to large pitheads.

  • improving air cleanliness, especially in high-risk areas.
  • Acts as a barrier against the airborne, pest, and pathogenic insects

Air Flow Controller with Mars high / Low-Speed

In the fight against COVID-19, airflow has been seen as severe. And when the door opens, using it in continuously low mode will also result in constant airflow, and control to Mars is possible. You will find one that is right for your building which has different options open.

Mars UVC: Eradication of Pathogen UV

Using a UVC-enchanted Mars Air Curtain will mitigate the introduction of viruses and pathogens through the internal components of the air curtain and output airflow. Via continuous air exposures, the Mars UVC can reduce and/or eliminate TB, Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA, and Serratia marcescens, along with SARS-COV.

  • The inclusion of Mars’ UVC™ segment will mitigate the entry of viruses and pathogens through the internal parts of the air curtain and the airflow production.
  • Keep removing the possible toxins.
  • The risk of airborne chemicals coming into parts of your building is restricted by air curtains.
  • In a hospital or medical building, the infection may be in the form of an infectious disease.

In the end, if we measure the sum of air curtain advantages, the choosing of the correct air curtain would be accomplished by the COVID19 Sanitary Practices.

Mars Air Curtains will assist you with hygiene and atmospheric control, and eventually help combat the infection.

In conclusion, owing to the many advantages of sanitary procedures, it is strongly recommended to use Mars Air Curtains on open doorways.Contact us today for more detail.

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