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How to Assist Your Parents as They Get Older

When parents wish to age in place for as long as possible, then it’s down to you to assist them wherever you can. There will likely come a time when they’ll need to accept the inevitable, but there are things that will help them to enjoy life at home before moving to a facility for senior residents.

Here are our suggestions for ways to assist your parents as they age.

Tread Carefully

Parents need time to adjust to the idea of their grown children taking care of them. It won’t seem right, and they will likely reject the help outright at first. It’s important to be respectful to them. After all, they’re your parents. It’s better to ask what they need at first, and later maybe to suggest what else you could do for them.

See What You Can Do Yourself

If you’re able to get to see them regularly, then there are things you can do to help. With an extended family, it might be something that several siblings can rotate through to not leave the burden just on you to visit and help out.

Depending on what they’re open to, what needs doing, and what you’re good at, they may have some yardwork, house cleaning, or even redecorating that needs doing. Reorganizing the kitchen to make it more accessible for them without needing to reach up high and down low is useful too. However, do this with their permission and guidance, so they don’t feel like they cannot find anything afterward!

Always remember, it’s their home. Let them take the lead on what they wish you to do.

Can You Hire in Help or Use Delivery Services?

At times when you cannot be there, are there services that you can order up or hire in?

Someone who visits once a week to clean the home will assist them if they’re no longer able to do it and your visits are more infrequent. Also, look at what online orders and deliveries can be setup to reduce their need to take shopping trips.

Knowing the Limits

When they are having accidents because of trips or falls in the home, that is a major issue. This could be a bathroom problem or when cooking food.

These types of accidents occur due to a loss of balance or losing grip strength in their hand. If they’re increasingly unable to manage their life including their finances, then it’s beginning to reach the limits.

Seniors can do well in a residential arrangement where staff can help them complete tasks that they can no longer do themselves. This is varied depending on the need but may include making the bed, changing the sheets, doing the laundry, providing delicious meals, or helping them to keep clean. Excellent facilities like at Bella Terra Senior Living offer flexible improvements to living standards for many seniors who are beginning to struggle massively with their daily activities and need daily assistance.

Do what you can to help them to the best of your abilities. However, also know the limits too. When their safety or health is a large enough concern, they need to live in a place where their increasing needs can be properly provided for.

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