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Best Ways to a Russian Woman’s Heart

Dating a pretty face is one thing. Is having an attractive partner nice? Sure. But what good is a pretty face if there’s nothing more than that? Enter Russian women. Their supermodel looks come with a personality that can charm any man looking for love.

 However, it takes more than just a handsome face to woo them. The question is: how does one attract such beauties?

 Want to win a Russian woman’s heart over? Look no further—we’ve got you covered! Fair warning, though: these tactics don’t apply to every one of them, but we assure you that you’ll be successful in scoring at least one date.

#1: Get a little old-school

Yes, we’re all aware that it’s 2021. Modern love is very much a thing nowadays. However, most Russian women like things a little differently and slightly on the traditional side.

 No need to pull out all the fancy stuff here, but you do want to impress. Courting Russian women may be a little old-fashioned for your tastes, but if you pull it off, the payoff will be worth your time and effort. Nothing good ever comes easy, yes?

 Russian women love gentlemen. Friendly reminder: chivalry isn’t dead! Trust us—being a gentleman will NEVER go out of style. She’ll always appreciate gestures like opening doors, holding her hand, and giving small gifts. Don’t forget to pull her chair out when she sits down somewhere as well. Throw in compliments from time to time to seal the deal.

 She also prefers men who are close with their mothers and grandmothers. We bet she’d be down to hear your childhood stories from them!

#2: No faking it ‘til you make it

If you’re going to pursue a Russian woman, please be honest about your approach! The last thing you should do is fake everything, even after you win her over.

Let’s say you’re trying to impress this Russian girl you fancy. If you plan to win her over, don’t do it by pretending to be something or someone you’re not. Lying about yourself will not help at all, especially if she starts asking more questions. How are you going to cover your tracks with all the things you’ve lied about?

 Save yourself the trouble by being genuine from the get-go. Russian women will appreciate it since they’re pretty honest themselves. When they feel like they need to tell you something, they’ll let you know without hesitation. Reciprocate that by cutting all the lying and be truthful instead. No need to tell her every little detail, but leave no room for doubts.

 Seriously—be yourself! We know it’s a cliche phrase, but we can’t stress this enough because it still works.

#3: Generosity works

Generosity in this context doesn’t relate to money and material things. Being generous in a relationship means sharing your emotions and actions. One way to do this, for example, is throwing thoughtful compliments. Russian women love getting them because they’re such confidence boosters. Please keep the backhanded ones out! 

Gift-giving is another display of generosity. You don’t have to give her something fancy or expensive; after all, it’s the thought that counts. Also, those two qualities aren’t always ideal presents anyway. When she sees that you’re smart with your money, she’ll like you even more.

 Russian culture is big on gift-giving, especially on visits. If you’re her guest, remember to bring something meaningful. Even a bottle of good wine is a great present.

#4: Lead the way

We’re sure every woman loves a polite man; Russian women are no exception. But as much as they appreciate men with excellent manners, they also want them to be proactive. This means wearing the pants in your (potential) relationship.

 Wearing the pants doesn’t mean crippling dominance over partners; don’t push them into doing things they don’t want to do. Friendly reminder: your partners are still their own person and have their individual spaces. This is just another term for taking the initiative. Put your best foot forward by leading communication, making decisions, and keeping promises. Words are meaningless if you can’t back them up with actions! 

#5: Be a go-getter

A driven man is an attractive man. Every woman wants reliable partners that won’t back down from challenges, even in the most stressful situations.

 Russian women demand nothing less from themselves. Growth and development are always on their priorities, so you may want to keep up with her driven nature. We’re not telling you to be totally ambitious, but you should at least have a direction. How will your relationship turn out if you won’t even lift a finger to save your life?

An all-talk and no-walk man makes for a dull relationship. If you’re that type of guy, then kindly get out of the way. Russian women should never settle for less than what they deserve, even if it hurts.

#6: Get curious

And by this, we mean asking her (appropriate) questions. The getting-to-know stage is crucial in relationships, so be a curious cat and lend a listening ear. You two may unexpectedly have a lot in common, so make sure to listen to her every word. 

#7: Don’t leave them behind

Loyalty still matters in 2021, people! Russian women have that in their DNA, so returning the favor shouldn’t be a tall order, yes?

 Committed relationships demand loyalty. If you’re as serious as you say, don’t wait for your potential partner to ask that from you. This is a two-way street, so please don’t leave her out to dry—especially if things get tough. Cheating isn’t an impulsive choice, and trust doesn’t grow on trees. Spare her the trouble of a broken heart if you aren’t going to follow through.

 Russian women make for great partners. If you find one that reciprocates your interest, don’t blow that easy layup! The ball’s in your court, so make the right play by following these tried and true tips. While they’re not dating commandments or anything, but most people stick to them for a reason.

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