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How to Choose a Ring Bearer Pillows

Ring bearer pillows are made available in a variety of colors. Traditionally, a young boy was made to walk down the aisle, followed by a flower girl if there was a need carrying a pillow that had two rings needed for the wedding ceremony. However, since it may be difficult to entrust a kid with gold rings in the contemporary world, the young boy is usually made for walking with fake rings. Most traditional ring pillows measure eight by 8 inches and include a satin ring ribbon streamer meant to ensure the ceremonious diamond wedding rings are safe. Also, check out how to check your ring size at home.

Typically, decorative ring bearer pillows are made available in the form of charms, rhinestone accompaniments, a combination of satin ribbons and bows, or removable pendants. Ring bearers are usually tasked with carrying the rings, which are essential in any wedding ceremony. The ring bearer pillow serves as a critical tool as it is used in ensuring the ring is handled correctly. Even though most couples opt for ring pillows with ungenuine rings, there are still available ring pillows that provide a pocket of thread used to ensure the rings are carried safely.

Choosing a Ring Bearer Pillow

The pillow used in carrying a wedding is usually small but, at the same time, a significant element in the wedding ceremony. Once a couple decides to include a ring pillow as part of their wedding, they are tasked with exploring the vast designs and ideas available from different sources.

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Why Consider a Bearer Pillow?

A typical wedding ceremony has various concentration areas like the bride’s gown, a unique bridal cake, a sparkling limousine, and a wedding banquet, to mention a few. Theleast focal points among the mentioned factors are undoubtedly the most crucial ones and include the rings. A ring pillow comes in as a tool to be used in highlighting the rings and their purpose. In turn, the highlighting gives the rings a place of honor on the occasion the same way they would be honored on the couple’s fingers. Using the ring pillows to carry the rings, the couple stresses the necessity of what the rings signify since, without love and obligation, the wedding would not have taken place.

Tips to Consider when Choosing a Bearer Pillow

When picking a bearer pillow, most couples think that using a bleached silk pillow is great as it imitates the bridal splendor and can thus simply match a white wedding dress. In reality, however, when choosing the pads, the main intention should be to highlight the rings and ensure they fit the wedding theme. Some of the factors to put into consideration when choosing a bearer pillow include;

  1. Selecting a material that can firmly clutch the rings. Usually, utmost pillows tend to be accompanied byticker tapes or other ways to ascribe the rings to a silicon’sgreasy form.
  2. The colors used in the pillows should contrast with that used in the rings. Forinstance, a white or golden ring is likely to be lost when carried in a white pillow. On the other hand, a dyed pillow will most likely display them significantly.
  3. The material used should always be plain and free from any blemish. This is usually because even the very small or unnoticeable snugs or tears might get trapped on the rings leaving the tendrils clinging.

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Some of the Wedding Pillow Alternatives

Some pairs tend to prefer an exclusive option other than the old-style silk pillow or one made out of satin. Some of the alternatives that have been proven to work include;

1.Failing to use a ring bearer or a pillow at all during the wedding

  1. Choosing to use a ring chest, an oversize ring box designed uniquely, and later on decorated to be used instead of a pillow. This is believed to be a secure option because no tying or sewing is needed like in the case of a pillow
  2. Some people can opt to have a child ring a bell instead of a buffer.

4.Using an object that matches the wedding theme. Some of the items used include a decorated shelf in case of a beach wedding and sometimes a crystal carriage to come up with a romantic touch. In some instances, the rings are usually suspended within a horseshoe, especially in western culture.

Pillow Designs.

Some of the popular designs used in making ring pillows include; white /ivory or pillows made of satin. Heart-shaped or square, oval pillows, different accent pillows, stacked pillows, themed pillows, and sometimes pillows that have been modified to be delivered by a pet.

How to Use the Pillow

In most instances, the ring pillows are used for symbolic purposes as untrue rings are devoted to the ring bearer while the real rings are assigned to an associate of the ceremonial party, usually a grown-up in most cases. Incircumstances where a couple would wish to have their rings displayed on the pillow throughout the rite, certain safeguards need to be adhered to. The precautions include;

1.including ribbon tendrils in the pillows to be used in tying the rings to ensure they are safe. However, one should ensure the knots are not too tight for easy untying.

  1. The rings can be easily sewn to the ribbon using a loose, thin thread for relaxeddeletion.
  2. If the bearer is extremely young such that he is likely to dewdrop the pillow, it is advisable to confer an elastic wrist band to the pillow’s bottom to assist them to keep hold of the greasy fabric.
  3. One must ensure the pillows are balanced on the palms and passedrespectfully in front of the midriff or chest. In this case, it is always essential to train the ring bearers on holding the pillow before the actual ceremony.
  4. Ones a pillow reaches the alter, it should be entrusted to the officiant or at times put in a designated place till the rings are wanted. This usually releases the bearer from the tedious work of standing all through the ceremony.


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