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Top 5 Most Often Reasons Of Foggy Windows and How to Fix Them

Modern plastic windows are a good option now.  They are good-looking, produced according to modern technologies and made from good materials.  These constructions are not leaky, have excellent heat insulation and sound isolation abilities and, with respect to installed fittings, it is quite easy to customize the sash in opened position for your convenience. Condensation seems to be the main problem the customers face while exploiting these useful windows.  However, there is no such a window problem exists, which Apex Window Werks professionals could not cope with!  We will easily Get the Fog OUT for you!

There are two types of fog:  inside the double-paned glass unit and on the surface of the glass, which faces the room inside.  In this article we will devote time to both these types.  Let us now take a closer look on fog, which appears on the surface of glass facing the room.

Many of us face the problem of foggy windows, especially in winter, and most frequently, in the kitchen area, while cooking, or in a bath room, while taking a shower.  Let’s take time to review the reasons, that create this problem, and most important -find solutions on how to fix foggy windows.

So, what is there condensation?  Air is filled with molecules of water.  They create humidity of the room.  If it is higher than norm (humidity on about level of 40% with temperature 20-22 C) – molecules of water will condensate on the coolest place of the room, which is windows, in winter.  This is a “dew point”.  Foggy windows are an outcome of closed, not ventilated, rooms with high humidity.  This natural phenomenon won’t be found in dry and warm premises.Unfortunately, condensation is not the only aesthetic problem, that gives harmful impact on our health and well being of our loved pets.  This is an initial reason for mold and fungus appearance.

foggy windows

So very precise and exact answer on how to get rid of foggy windows is to bring humidity index to norm in the house.  Good ventilation of the premise is a needed solution in this case.  The reasons, which could have caused ventilation violation:

  • too many plants on the sill;
  • too wide sill, which permits the warm air to get on window glazed area;
  • hard curtains presence.

Considering the above, we would like to give easy DIY solutions how to unfog windows:

  1. Rooms are to be ventilated regularly all the year round. This will eliminate moisture problem inside.  Ventilation can be done in two ways:  manually, by opening a windows sash and automatically, by installing supply air valve.  It promotes air circulation in the room and maintains comfortable interior micro climate.  This does not reduce sound isolation and heat insulation abilities of the window structures.  A valve helps a fresh air to get inside.  If you would like ventilation process to be organized automatically, you can install either window type or wall type of valve during your window installation or after it.  Both are good; however, wall type is more difficult and dustier to install.
  2. The air in window area must be warm. Our house heating system usually takes care of this.  If access of warm air to window glass is complicated, you can always place candles on the sill to warm the air. This creates a comfortable atmosphere and prevents the fog appearance.
  3. Window space is to be ventilated. Do not put too many plants on the window sill.  They permit the warm air to get on the glass.Hard curtains violate circulation of air in the room.  Try to remove them and see if it helps.

However, despite all these easy to follow suggestions, we should not exclude more difficult reasons of foggy windows.  Now we came to the second type of fog – inside the double-paned window, mentioned in this article from the very beginning.  There are two reasons which could have created it:

  1. Windows with manufacturing defects and
  2. Incorrect installation.

Nowadays, windows with manufacturing defects are rarely found.  If water is gathered inside of double-paned structure than we face of problem of loose tightness of glass unit.    Window structure is such that there is an inert gas between the double panes, and once the tightness is lost – the gas will disappear and air with molecules of water will come inside.  As a result of temperature fluctuations, it will shortly condensate on glass.  In this case, foggy windows problem will be difficult to handle and you will require foggy glass replacement.

Incorrect installationis

Incorrect installation is the process being done not considering the width of the wall, using poor materials, including bad sealants, and can be caused by other human mistakes.  For a professional is it important to know what the walls are made of and place the window frame into the very correct position.  Fittings and other parts must be proper and workable as well.

If you have gone through first three solutions and «how to get rid of foggy windows in house»is still your problem, call Apex Window Werks professionals to check the points 4 and 5 for you.  We work in window business for years and our “get the fog out” slogan tells you about our experience in this field more than words.  Fog is a common and widely met problem, but only our team can solve it in one click.  Do not postpone to come in touch with us till tomorrow, give us a call already today.



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