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How to Clean Your Caravan & Keep it Well-Maintained?

Are you looking for some quick and handy caravan cleaning tips? Well, you have landed at the right place – this blog will help you to clean your caravan or camper or motor home, and keep it in pristine condition and well-maintained.

Get ready with your cleaning tools to give a fantabulous shine to your caravan inside out!

  • Refrain from high-pressure cleaners. They can get severe for caravans, letting water to flow into possibly small gaps and weak seals.
  • Get hold of quality detergent.You can use the cleaning detergent that you use to clean your car for cleaning your caravan as well.
  • Consider cleaning at height.Depending on your caravan’s height and your height, get a sponge or brush-on-a-rod and a stepladder – this will help you easily reach all the parts of your caravan. Take enough care to avoid slipping when wet.
  • Start washing from the top and go down. Begin with cleaning the roof and then move downwards. It means you’re taking the help of gravity to remove the toughest dirt from the parts you are yet to wash. It also protects washed areas being covered in dirty run-offs.
  • Give special care to the windows. Get hold of a paper towel and glass cleaner, and scrub tenderly to get blotch-free windows and mirrors.
  • Do not use chemicals or soaps to clean canvas fabric. If your caravan has an awning with canvas components or pop-top roof, you should not use chemicals or soap on the fabrics because they might wear through the canvas. With water and a scrubbing brush, wash the canvas fabric all through, and make sure the canvas is completely dry before you fold it up again to avoid mould and mildew.
  • Dry it up. After washing, wipe your caravan with a dry towel to avert any watermarks.
  • Clean the interior of your caravan or camper. You can clean it the way you clean your home. Dust all surfaces, vacuum the flooring, give a wipe to the cabinets and cupboards and clean up the fridge. You can use the same cleaning products that you use to clean your home, and you’ll get the same results out of your cleaning.

Now that the cleaning is all over, is the smile 🙂 back on your face!

It is a best practice to clean your caravan’s interiors and exteriors along with your regular caravan maintenance. It will ensure that your caravan will stay neat, clean and in excellent condition all the time.

Nonetheless, cleaning your caravan should not be a hectic task, and if you cannot find enough time for a full clean, then you can do a mini spring clean up. So here are some quick cleaning tips.

  • Dust Clean Up: You have to spend only five minutes for dusting areas where you can look through – for instance, furniture, shelves, surfaces etc. When you often do this, it will help to remove the dirt or dust pile up.
  • Vacuum Up: Spare your ten minutes to vacuum up the interiors of your caravan to get rid of all the debris, dirt and crumbs, so the inside of your caravan is clean, neat and look immaculate, and make breathing a lot more comfortable.
  • Wipe Up: As you complete dust cleaning and vacuuming, its time to give a decent wipe to benchtops, cabinets, cupboards and handles. It will remove the stains, marks and unwanted smells. Spray on these surfaces and wipe them down, so it is glossy and shiny. In this way, you can quickly clean your caravan.
  • Discard All Unwanted Items: Thoroughly check your pantry for any bad smells or strange odours. Discard suspicious items. It will freshen up the area and free up more space, and keep your caravan or camper safe from pest infestation.
  • Finishing Touch: As your caravan or camper rests in a small space, it can quickly get stagnant even if you keep the windows and doors open. So get hold of your preferred air freshener and spray it inside of your caravan especially, in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet so that your caravan starts breathing freshness.

Final Thoughts!

You may find no time to perform cleaning chores in your busy schedule. However, you can do these quick caravan cleaning if you have little time, and you will get spick-and-span caravan that is ready to venture out on the upcoming weekend or holidays.

If you are looking around to buy a brand-new caravan, or motor home, get in touch with the authorised caravan dealers today!


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