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3 Benefits of a Graphene Power Bank

People cannot live without phones. It is an indispensable communication and learning tool. So a dead phone makes you momentarily immobile and powerless. It makes you want to look for the nearest power source, especially if you are waiting for a client to call you back or wanting to hear from the partner of your dreams. Fortunately, those situations now rarely happen with new technological advances via the rise of portable electrical devices, such as the graphene power bank.

There are dozens of battery source brands currently out in a market where lithium-ion (Or Li-Ion) reigned supreme. These Li-Ion batteries have been around for the last decade or so. It has proven its worth as a mine of energy. But eventually, something new and better will come along. A graphene power bank is now making its mark in the energy sector as a power supply for smartphones and other equipment in need of batteries.

Graphene is part of graphite but atomically arranged differently. When isolated, it is a hundred times stronger than regular steel with excellent thermal and electrical conduction properties. It is also great as a charging source for phones due to the following benefits:

Longer battery life

Almost all people have been using lithium-ion batteries for more than a decade. But a graphene supercapacitor is an exciting development. It can store current pretty much like a regular battery, but it can charge and discharge rapidly. It stores one thousand Wh per kilo of energy, so the Li-Ion pales compared to its one hundred eight Wh per kilo.

With a high electrical conductivity, it allows cells to charge faster. With its high heat conduction property, phone batteries can cool speedily as well. It is the perfect conductor in power banks with no possibility of overheating, leading to longer battery life.

Slimmer and lighter compared to other batteries

Most of the power banks or extra battery sources you see now range from bulky to light. Should you opt for an almost weightless pack, you can charge your smartphone for about once or twice before it powers down. But if you choose a heavier one, there is a possibility of a back-breaking heaviness. Both these options are not fit for people who are always on-the-go.

But it is a different story with a graphene powered energy source. These power banks are slimmer and considerably lighter. It can last you days with more than thrice the number of phone charging times, making it perfect for busy people.

A safe power source

You probably had a couple of smartphone changes in the past. You notice that the device becomes slower whenever the back part heats up. If you use lithium-ion ones, you possibly heard about a couple of instances in the past where a faulty battery overheated or overcharged and exploded. While there are not a lot of those incidents, those chemical imbalances bring fear in the heart of a constant phone user. A cool battery extends the lifespan of your smartphone, and graphene can help with that. The compound is more stable and stronger, so it is resistant to those occurrences.

When car automation and phone technology both believe in the power of graphene cells, it is a product that is worth taking a look at. If you rely heavily on smartphones for almost all things in your life, having one or two graphene power banks is not a bad investment.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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