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How to Keep Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

Once your dog reaches 10 or 12 years old, you might notice a shift in its personality. Your once energetic pooch might suddenly fear ascending stairs, or past pursuits might not bring him or her the same joy.

In fact, your pet might sleep longer than they used to, feel more anxious as they grow older, or experience mobility or vision problems that will slow them down. As you will adore your canine companion, you will want to ensure they live a full life for as long as possible. Continue reading to find out how to keep your senior dog happy and healthy.

Organize Bi-Annual Wellness Exams

Bi-annual wellness exams will allow you and your vet to stay on top of your pet’s health and spot the early signs of a health condition. During an exam, a vet can review your pooch for lumps, evaluate their eyesight and hearing, and listen to their heart’s function, which can help them identify a potential problem and provide the appropriate treatment.

Lower the cost of regular veterinary care by finding an affordable veterinary clinic. For instance, easy vet, low-cost vets in Madison provides fantastic packages and plans to help you care for your pet. Plus, they offer a walk-in clinic to provide your senior dog with immediate care when needed.

Switch to a Senior-Friendly Diet

Senior dogs must enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet to maintain a healthy weight and avoid various health issues. Obesity cannot only cause various diseases, but it can place pressure on your canine’s aging joints. Help your hound enjoy a long, healthy life by providing dog food created from high-quality ingredients. Also, provide fish oil pills and joint supplements to improve their heart, joint, and brain health.

Enjoy Daily Exercise

Your senior dog will naturally slow down as they grow older. However, you must encourage your pet to exercise daily to maintain good muscle tone. Otherwise, they might struggle with stiff, sore joints as they grow older that can impact their quality of life.

While they might have once loved to go on a long run with you by their side, they might now prefer a stroll outdoors. Visit places that will allow your senior pooch to discover new smells and have some fun on a daily walk. However, avoid overdoing it to protect their health and well being.

Arrange Extra Dog Grooming Sessions

Your canine might struggle to reach different areas of their body each day, which is why you may need to arrange extra grooming sessions. Matting is a common problem many dogs experience as they grow older due to less activity, so you must brush their fur daily to spread the oils along their coat.

Also, you may need to clip their hair a little shorter and check their potty area to ensure it is clean, dry, and free from irritation. Plus, home and professional grooming sessions will provide your dog with some TLC, which they are sure to love.

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