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How to Pet-Proof Your Home and Yard

Thinking about getting pets? First, you should think about preparing your home and yard. A puppy or kitten (or any other pet) could cause serious damage to your home if you’re not careful. Here’s how to pet-proof your home and yard.

Protect your possessions

Cats and dogs are natural hunters and they will ‘hunt’ your possessions. Keep your expensive shoes, socks, glasses, pens, earrings, underwear, etc. locked up in a special place that the pet cannot access, or at least put them away when you’re not using them. They will chew on anything and everything, so you must be careful to keep anything small or dangerous out of their reach.

Create a “pet-friendly” zone

Create a “pet-friendly” zone in your house that is completely safe for your pets for when they first arrive. This area should have water, food, toys, a litter box if necessary, and a bed. You can create this zone in one of the rooms or just section off part of your living room with some baby gates, so you don’t have to keep them confined to one room all the time. Whilst you create this space, you should consider putting your pet in pet boarding in Phoenix.

Minimize escape routes

Cats and dogs are curious by nature and may get into trouble. They should not be allowed to roam around the house unsupervised to begin with, but you must also take precautions to prevent them from escaping the house. To limit their access while they are still new, install baby gates on stairs or doors, and provide large crates for nighttime if you cannot confine them to one room. You can take precautions outside too to ensure that any pet is only allowed into the areas you have made safe.

Install a dog door

Dogs should have a safe place to go outdoors if they need to “go”. If you don’t want your pet using the carpet as a bathroom, let them outside by installing a dog door for access to your yard. Dogs love being able to go in and out of the house as they please, so this is one of the best ways to keep them happy. If you cannot install a dog door in your home, then consider putting them in pet boarding when you are out of the house at work.

Secure garbage cans

Dogs will eat anything. They can swallow objects that could cause them to suffer an intestinal blockage or choke on the item. To keep your pet safe, be sure to secure your garbage cans so your dog does not have access to any items it should not have.

Hide tools and wires

Dogs and cats love to chew. If they see something that looks like a chew toy, then it is more than likely going to get chewed on at some point. This is a problem because wires and tools can be dangerous for pets. They could get electrocuted or choke on the object. Store your power tools away from curious pets. Dogs and cats also love to chew on plants. If you have plants in your house, then make sure they are out of the reach of your pet or that you put them away in a place where your pet can’t reach them. Ensure that you have no plants poisonous to your pet inside your home.

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