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How To Maintain Your Commercial Lawn Mower

For anyone who likes a big garden and has one, taking care of it is very important, to make sure this area is always cleaned and looking beautifully cared for. This needs the right care, according to what you and your garden demand. So, this is where commercial zero turn mowers come in, and why they’re so important for your garden and a great investment. These, in comparison to the residential lawn mowers, are much more practical and quick, besides that, they have larger engines that make the mowing easier, especially in difficult parts of the garden, where the dirt is tougher. These have a long battery, allowing the owner to use them multiple times in one day, some go between 13 to 15 hours, making it possible to do big gardens in a day since this lawnmower is also faster. These machines can be a big investment, however, totally worth it. Due to its efficiency and duration, it ends up being more economical than a residential lawnmower or hiring a professional to do the work. That’s the reason why most of the companies choose to acquire commercial lawn mowers, because of its amazing capacity, professionalism, and incredible results it achieves. However, just like any other machine, this needs to be taken care of and cleaned to guarantee it works well and achieves the desired results. So, here are some tips with simple steps to have in mind to well clean and properly treat your lawn mower.

Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades

One of the most important parts of your lawnmower is the blades, these are the real workers and suffer the most when cutting all the grass and undesirable weeds. The quality of your lawnmower will undoubtedly depend on the state of your blades. These need to be sharpened often to guarantee they work well, otherwise, it will tear the grass instead of cutting it, which will also jag the tips and making it turn brown and dry. Still, if the blades are too damaged, it’s better to replace them. Always wear the right protection, because you are dealing with blades and don’t want to injure yourself.

Clean The Air Filter

The air filter is a very important job in the lawnmower, if it is working the right way, it will trap the dirt and not let it travel through the foam layers, stopping the mower to work properly. These filters can be easily cleaned, simply by using water, soap and dried with a paper towel, an easy process. However, at least twice a year is necessary to replace the filter, don’t forget about it and your lawnmower will perform rightly.

Brush The Underside

When you use a lawnmower, this ends up getting dirty, and pieces of grass stick to the bottom, it needs to be correctly cleaned. At least, after every time you use it, it must be brushed and washed. Since this sticks to the underside of the mower, don’t let these residues stay there, if they touch the grass you are cutting, it can stick and make it harder to mow. It can also cause the deck to rust, disturbing the airflow, and reduce the cutting quality. It can be cleaned without removing the deck using a jack-stand and scrapping the dirty with a putty knife. It’s quite simple and very beneficial to your machine.

Time To Mow Some Grass

Every garden owner wants to have it well cleaned and mowed. Using a commercial lawnmower like these is the best way to get the job done with great quality and through a simple, fast, method. Just like any other equipment, it must be treated properly to make sure it keeps functioning the right way, to make sure it lasts strongly, since it’s a big investment, and not having to replace it and spending another amount of money. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to learn how to treat your lawnmower well.

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