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Shopping in Doha: 8 Souvenirs or Gifts for Family, Friends and Yourself

Qatar is one of the most fantastic shopping destinations in the world, offering unique items that you can’t find in other places.

You can find plenty of shopping malls like Doha Festival City offering luxury brands and high-end fashion. It also boasts several vibrant traditional markets or souqs where you can buy authentic souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends, and even for yourself. While you are busy shopping, your children can enjoy some of the fun activities in Doha, including going on heart-racing rides, bumper cars, a go-kart track, and trampolines.

Here are the eight most unique and interesting Qatari souvenirs you should take home from your shopping expedition in Doha.

1. Jewelry

Known as the world’s pearl capital, Qatar has plenty of shops offering elegant jewelry made of pearls. You can find several pearl earrings and necklaces at great prices, making them a great gift for your loved ones on their birthdays or other special occasions.

In addition to pearls, you can also find lots of jewelry made of amber, gold, and other precious gems. The best thing about these items is that they are small and easy to carry, so if you have the budget, you can buy more! Best of all, both men and women love jewelry and accessories. You won’t go wrong with these items when buying a present for your family and friends.

2. Spices

Walking into spice areas is probably one of the more unique experiences you can enjoy in Doha. This is where you can find a wide variety of spices with different aromas, colors, and textures. Examples are cumin, cinnamon, cardamon, saffron, turmeric, chilies, and other curry mixes. Just passing by the spice racks and smelling the flavorful aroma will entice you to buy some.

It is quite hard to resist bringing home a sample of the local cuisine in the form of spices, especially if you love to cook. You would want to try making the same dishes at home, so your family and friends get to enjoy a taste of Qatari food. Like jewels, spices are easy to pack. However, you have to make sure that they are well-wrapped so the aroma won’t escape and the powder won’t leak inside your bags.

3. Dried fruits and nuts

Doha offers high quality dates, cashews, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, and other dried specialties. Dates, in particular, are locally grown – you can’t find anything like them in other places, making them an excellent buy. Dates are rich in iron, magnesium, fiber, potassium, and different vitamins. They are also known to provide several health benefits, including increased energy levels.

You can choose from different types of dates with a variety of colors, sweetness, and sizes. Whatever you choose, they are definitely tasty!

You can add any of these dried fruits and nuts to your cereal or oatmeal back at home. You can also make your baking recipes unique by incorporating some of them into your bread and pastries.

4. Pashminas and shawls

If you are into shawls, don’t skip looking at Doha’s pashminas. They are not just affordable compared to other countries, but are also colorful and elegant.

Whenever you travel, always bring one pashmina, especially if you love camping or outdoor events. It can provide a good level of protection and warmth during cold weather.

  1. Textiles and fabrics

If you are interested in buying unique fabrics and textiles, Doha is the place to go. The traditional markets offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials at a reasonable price. Textiles and fabrics are the perfect souvenir if you know how to sew or know someone with such a hobby.

6. Arabic coffee set

If you are a coffee lover, an Arabic coffee set is definitely a great find. Otherwise known as Dallah, this special pot has been used for years to brew coffee as part of their tradition of hospitality. The coffee is served as a sign of welcome, usually marking the start and end of a guest’s visit. With its unique beauty, this coffee pot also makes a superb decoration at home. It can serve as memorabilia from your visit to Doha.

7. Decorative wooden boxes

Popular decorative wooden boxes are excellent traditional souvenirs, too. They come in different sizes and shapes. They can also be a decorative item and a smart storage space for smaller items, such as the jewelry you recently purchased.

8. Oud

Oud is Qatar’s traditional fragrance. You can smell the scent wherever you go, from cars and homes to hotels, malls, and traditional markets. Known as the “Woods of the Gods,” this fragrance is extracted from the agarwood tree. You can buy oud in different forms like oil and pure wood, but locals recommend purchasing a bottle of oud-based perfume. Bring it home and engulf your senses with these scent-filled flasks of extravagant Arabic perfume.

Doha offers a lot of souvenirs to select from and bring home. Stroll through some of the best shopping malls and traditional markets to find the best gifts for yourself, your family, and friends. And once you’re done shopping, enjoy a meal at a great restaurant and have some family fun while trying out different activities for kids in Doha.


Hisham Elzubeir is the Marketing Manager at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA. Hisham brings over 15 years of international expertise to the communications team at Doha Festival City.


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