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How To Preserve Your Chevy Corvette

Your Chevy Corvette is a work of art, and like any beautiful piece of craftsmanship, it should be protected. Other than getting a custom outdoor car cover and stowing your car away during the winter, what can you really do? The truth is, even in the garage, there are elements that can do serious damage to your prized vehicle. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to keep your Corvette in top shape.

  1. Get a Protective Cover

Chevy Corvette car covers can go a long way toward keeping your paint job and exterior trimmings pristine. If you park outdoors, a car cover is essential for keeping away animals that might scratch, smudge or defecate on the exterior. Made of thick, durable material, these covers can also protect from sun and wind.

What about indoors? Do you really need a car cover if your Corvette is safely parked in the garage? This may come as a surprise, but the answer is yes — especially if you live in a humid area. Moisture in the air can eat away at metal, even when indoors. An indoor car cover can keep humidity at bay and, as a bonus, keep dust off your vehicle.

  1. Charge Your Battery

Batteries generally maintain their charge when in regular use, but if you’re not driving your car for a while, the battery may drain over time. To keep your battery from going dead, it’s essential that you charge it. Fortunately, there are automatic chargers made specifically for this purpose. They can “trickle charge” your battery, adding just enough juice to maintain it without risking melting or swelling. In fact, you can leave your battery hooked up to an automatic charger for the entire winter and return to a fully functioning battery.

  1. Elevate Your ‘Vette

The scary thing is, you probably won’t know what pests are lurking in your garage until one climbs into a space where it’s not wanted, and if you’re really unlucky, that may be your Corvette. Insects and rodents that crawl into the undercarriage can do massive damage to wires and other parts. Even worse, if something happens to die while making its home in your car, you may be stuck with a foul odor that you can’t find the source of.

To avoid this issue, elevate your Corvette. This is fairly easy to do with jacks and doesn’t require a great deal of overhead space — just a few inches should be enough to deter any curious critters.

  1. Seal Your Garage

Of course, there are ways to guard against pests getting into your garage in the first place. Most insects and rodents get in through small spaces that you may not think about: Cracks, spaces between doors and open vents are all possible entrances. Before you store your car, make an inspection of your garage or storage unit and address any issues. You may also want to seal off your exhaust pipe just to be safe.

Protecting your Corvette doesn’t have to be hard; just by knowing how to care for your car cover and battery, you can keep your car in prime condition. No matter where you decide to store your vehicle, take these simple steps and you won’t have to worry about repairs before the spring.

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