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How to Organize and Clean your Refrigerator


A refrigerator is an important appliance that works continuously without a single minute break. It comes in contact with raw food like vegetables, meat, outside food all carrying their own germs and bacteria.

It is very crucial to keep the refrigerator organized and cleaned correctly. We must check the refrigerator every week to see if there are any leftovers, spills.

Try to understand the function of each compartment in the fridge and learn how to organize the food inside to maximize cooling efficiency.

Keep checking the food which has been kept back of the newer food several days back. It’s natural that we forget older food and end up throwing it away. It’s very important to keep control of your refrigerator to avoid food wastage.

If you are looking for complete information on how to organize and clean the refrigerator, then you can go forward to read this article.


1.Overloading and keeping an empty fridge is bad.

Overloading the fridge may lead to forgetting the older food which gets spoiled over time and also reduces cooling efficiency.

If the fridge is kept empty, then cold air escapes allowing hot air to enter. When you keep the refrigerator full, there’s minimum space for air to get exchanged.

  1. Don’t keep easy spoil items like milk in the door.

Try to store dairy items in a separate compartment where there is uniform cooling. Temperature near the door keeps on fluctuating which can spoil milk items easily. It is advisable to store bottles, vinegar in the door.

  1. Store meat items in the lowest shelf or freezer.

The chances of germs growth in low temperaturesare less. So, keep the meat in the freezer to prevent food spoilage and foodborne diseases.

If there is no space in the freezer then store it in the lowest shelves where the chances of leakage and spillage on other food are less.

  1. Don’t store chopped fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

It is advisable to clean and cut fruits and veggies just before consuming them. If you chop and store the veggies then most of its surface area will be exposed and the chances of getting spoiled are more.

  1. Add a deodorizer in your fridge.

Having a deodorizer can prevent unpleasant smell and also avoid mixing of odor from different food items. It retains the freshness in the refrigerator. Baking soda can be a great deodorizer.

  1. Keep a separate compartment for leftovers.

When you try to add newer food items, the leftovers are left behind unnoticeable. This leads to forgetting the older item which eventually gets spoiled after some time. To avoid this, assign a separate compartment to the food item that is about expire.

  1. Assign each door section a different function and label it.

To keep the fridge extremely organized, assign each compartment on the door a different function. Try to store sauces (hot sauces, soy sauces) in a separate container, egg in a different section, and daily usable products in separate compartments.

  1. Learn to control humidity settings.

Keep food that can expire early in a low humidity drawer. Store vegetable leaves in higher humidity containers to keep it fresh for a longer time.

Knowing what to keep where can save food from spoilage and also electricity.

  1. Buy more organic food and store it in the refrigerator.

Even though organic foods have a shorter life than inorganic foods, you can store it in the refrigerator to enhance their life. They are safe to eat and chemical-free.


  • Throw out the spoiled food in a sealed bag. If the rotten food is stored in a container then try to clean it with soap water before rearranging to its original place.|
  • Empty the stored items from the refrigerator and keep it on a separate table while cleaning. Remove all drawers, shelves, or any other removable part for easy cleaning.
  • Hand wash the removed drawers, shelves with soap water to remove stains. Try to dry clean it with a towel before reinstalling.
  • When you remove all drawers and shelves then it will be easy to thoroughly clean the entire refrigerator. Clean all left food stains on the walls with soap water to maintain hygiene.


  • To remove bad odor inside the refrigerator, install deodorizer after cleaning the interior of your fridge. It absorbs all thebad odor and maintains hygiene.


  • Check the rubber gasket around the door for any damage. Remove the gasket smoothly without losing its stickiness. Remove all the foreign items present around the lining of the gasket thoroughly.
  • Remove the dust present on the top of the refrigerator. Also, clean refrigerator door with a cloth sprayed with glass cleaner or other cleansing solution. This can enhance the look and design visibility.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator coil once in a while can save energy and enhance cooling function. Dust will accumulate over the coil and it becomes hard for it to release heat. Thus compressor has to work harder than it was designed to and shortens the life of the fridge.
  • While cleaning the coils use a wire brush to gently remove dust and debris present on the coils. Use vacuum cleaner attached to brush to remove dust present inside which is not easily accessible. Strictly avoid using cleaning solution on the coils
  • Frequent cleaning of filters present in the refrigerator for water and ice cubes dispensing is necessary. Replace the filter if it is damaged to keep dispensers in good working condition.


Follow all the steps mentioned above to improve the performance and durability of your refrigerator. Buying an energy-efficient refrigerator will not guarantee you the best refrigerator. It’s our duty to make it the best. you can check out to this article to select the best refrigerator in India. If you have any doubts about any topics mentioned above feel free to leave a comment. I will try to respond as early as possible.

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