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How To Use A Yarn Bowl Efficiently?

A yarn bowl is a round or oval vessel, used to hold the yarn in place. The bowl has a swirl on the side that prevents the yarn to roll under the couch, or out of your reach. 

So, a yarn bowl avoids such knitting menaces, making it a very helpful tool for a fiber lover. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you about the importance of a yarn bowl and how it works.

So now let’s get started!

How does a yarn bowl work?

It is very simple to work with the yarn bowl. Just place the yarn in the bowl and feed it through the swirl. In addition to the swirl, yarn bowls also come with holes. These holes help you to knit multiple strands of yarn simultaneously. You need to feed one yarn through the main swirl and the other one through the hole. It will keep both the yarns tangle-free while knitting. 

You can also use the hole for knitting colorwork. You can feed the main yarn color through the swirl and other colors through the holes.

Yarn bowls are normally made from porcelain, wood, or clay, with swirls and holes in the side. With the yarn nestled in the bowl, the ball rolls freely, without getting tangled in knots as you knit.

Yarn Bowl Dimensions

To accommodate varying sizes, yarn bowls come in a wide variety of sizes. Most large size yarn bowls are approximately 6-8” in diameter and 4-5” high. Medium bowls are approximately 5-6” across and 3” high, while small bowls are around 4” across and 2-3” high.

What size yarn bowl is the best?

Before choosing the right size yarn bowl, consider the most commonly used yarns by you and measure them at the widest point. It is always better to buy a yarn bowl slightly larger in diameter than the largest yarn ball you use, to help the skein move freely in the bowl.

You may also need to consider the number of skeins of yarn you want to place in the yarn bowl. If you are knitting two strands together at the same time, you should purchase a large yarn bowl to accommodate both the skeins together.

Yarn bowls also come with a carrying handle, a lid to close, and a curved hook for removing the yarn when needed. It is recommended to choose a high-walled yarn bowl with a solid weighted base. Make sure to choose a bowl with wood grain that’s sanded down and a smooth ceramic glaze, to prevent the working yarn from snagging. 

Benefits of a yarn bowl

  • A yarn bowl holds the yarn to keep it from rolling away.
  • A yarn bowl keeps the yarn clean and tangle-free. 
  • A yarn bowl helps the yarn ball to unwind smoothly.
  • Yarn bowls are handy for keeping yarn contained from the pets at your home and also keeps pet hairs off the yarn.
  • Yarn bowls are portable and facilitate knitting at various places, around the house. 


There are a number of requisites that a crafter should keep on hand and a  yarn bowl is one of them. A yarn bowl keeps the yarn clean, untangled, and organized as you work with multiple yarns. Yarn bowls are also useful for storing yarn and can serve as a reminder to work on the project you have started!


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Vaishali Sonik
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