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Landscaping Ideas for the Front Yard of a House

Having a front yard is great joy and pride for the house owners. A front yard is the first sight that people see while visiting your home. A beautiful front yard sets the tone for the entire house, and if it is well maintained, people would have an idea of other parts of your home.

Designing or maintaining a front yard is not as easy as it needs regular care and attention. A well maintained front yard can improve the curb appeal of your home and make it look attractive. Moreover, the variety of plants and shrubs can help add colours to your landscape.

House owners can design their front yards in many ways. A straightforward approach is to hire a landscape professional and spend your hard earned money on designing your yard. However, you can use your creative mind to create your front yard within an average budget.

Keep it simple and green!

There are a variety of flowering plants available, but it is better to plant those plants that stay evergreen throughout the year. Such plants are known as evergreen perennials as they flourish all the year around. Of course, you can plant seasonal flowers, but it is better to plant them in low amounts. Evergreen plants and shrubs make a good contrast with the exterior colour of your home.

Use a symmetrical approach

Symmetry always looks better than non-symmetrical spaces. If it is possible, you should make the pathways at the centre of your front yard to divide it into two equal areas. However, if it is not possible, you have other options such as adding a focal element or seating space at the centre of your yard. Having a focal point and seating space at the centre will make your garden look symmetrical.

Plant the hedges

Hedges can change the way a garden looks to your friends and guests. Plant the green hedges around the pathways and the periphery of your garden. To make it more appealing, you can use a purple coloured hedge for the pathway to your entry door. Anyone visiting your home for the first time is sure to feel special and delighted while walking through the entryway with a purple hue.

Water feature

Although homeowners have some method of irrigation for their front yard, adding a water feature adds a sense of style and beauty to the garden.  A simple potted water feature can match the water saving aura of your garden within your budget. Check out some attractive water features for garden and select one for your front yard. Please visit

Stepping stones and pavers

The stepping stones and pavers are trending for the last few years. If you have a simple pathway, you can decorate it with the stepping stones and pavers. Surround the pavers with the stepping stones on all the sides and get ready to gain admiration from friends and guests. Grey and while coloured pavers can suit the front yard regardless of the exterior paint of your house.

Use a variety of planters

Container plants can add to the beauty of any garden.  Most homeowners in Brisbane have large planters in their yards enhancing the curb appeal of their house. Now the planters are available in a variety of shapes. The conventional shapes make your yard look ordinary. Therefore, you must use unique planters like spherical, cylindrical, oval-shaped and other designer planters in your garden. Choose the colours of containers as per the contrast you want to create for your yard.

Add a Wall garden feature

You don’t need to limit your plants to the ground. Take them to a wall to create a garden wall for your yard. Vivid wall gardens are innovative features of modern front yards and look highly attractive to the visitors.  Make a wall in the garden or use an existing wall to plant some decorative hanging plants.

Decorative lights

Nobody wants to make their garden look dark in the night. Although most homeowners have installed some lighting in their yard, it is better to replace them with some designer lights. Look for some contemporary light features in a lighting store and fit them in your garden.

Don’t forget to light the sides of pathways and edges of flowerbeds and retainers walls. The modern decorative lights can make your yard look more attractive in the dark than the daytime.

Decorate the Retainer Walls

If you have retainer walls in your garden decorate them with pavers in the wooden finish. The retainer walls Brisbane looks highly attractive and appealing to the homeowners. Using wooden pavers on the retainer walls makes your garden look more natural and beautiful.

Lavenders and Alliums

Don’t forget the lavenders and alliums as they can add some colour and character to your garden. These plants have the height, shape and colour to add a unique style to your garden. If you like purple colour, they can add a purple hue to any area of your garden. Make sure you use them in the flower beds and not in the free space.

The horsetail hedge

If you want a unique element that nobody else has in your neighbourhood, get some horsetail plants and use them for your fencing hedge. The clean vertical stacks, the green hue and black circles can create a striking detail for your fencing or hedge. Nobody who visits your home can resist the beauty of horsetail stacks in your garden.


Mulch is essential for the health of plants. It retains the moisture in the soil and protects the rots from the external temperature and extreme weather conditions. You can use them in your flowerbeds, shrubs and trees. It adds a brown hue to the garden that makes a perfect contrast with the green and colourful plants and shrubs.

Final Words

These are some simple landscaping tips for front yards. The best advantage of these landscaping ideas is that they don’t cost much, but they can make a large difference in your garden. Elements like the stepping stones, designer planters, horsetail hedge and the retainer walls Brisbane can enhance the value of any property.

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