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How to Fix the Sagging Roof Lining of a Car

The roof lining is an integral part of the interior of a car. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance just like your dashboard and upholstery. However, with time the roof lining of a vehicle starts sagging due to a variety of reasons.

The basic reason for a sagging headliner is excessive heat. When people park their cars in the sun, the roof gets heated, and it melts the glue that holds the lining to the foam underneath. Sometimes the roof liners also start sagging due to the excessive pressure of steam cleaning that dissolves the adhesive.

However, you can use multiple techniques to fix a sagging roof lining. If the entire headliner is sagging you need to take professional help, but in case, it is sagging only at the corners or edges, you can fix it yourself. This post shares some tips to fix a sagging headliner at home.

Glueing the headliner

If the headliner of your car is coming out only at the edges, you can use glue to put it back into the place. Visit a store that sells the car accessories, and ask for a car headliner adhesive. Do not use ordinary glue as it will not work. It is best to buy a spray adhesive as it is easy to apply on any surface.

Hold the sagging edges of the headliner and spray the glue on the upper side of the fabric to cover the entire area. Also, spray some glue on the foam under the fabric. Then paste the fabric on the foam and press it firmly with your hands. Make sure there are no creases on the fabric while you glue it back in its place.

Use pins to fix the roof lining

Glue is difficult to use if the fabric is sagging from the centre and not at the edges. For such areas, pins are the best to fix the sagging liner. It is best to use the sequin pins as they as you can push them quickly in the fabric to put it back in place. However, the sequin pins are useful for only small areas.

Clear-headed twisted pins

Using clear headed twisted pins are an inexpensive way of fixing the large areas of a headliner. The best advantage of using twisted pins is that they won’t damage the board underneath with holes. The clear-headed twisted pins are readily available in the market, and you can use them to fix the headliner even if half of it is about to fall on your head.

Use Double sided tape

The double-sided tape method is not recommended, but you can use it for a temporary fix until you visit a professional. The process is suitable only for the edges of the headliner. You can use the double tape in similarly as using the glue for a sagging liner on the edges. The adhesive on a double tape is so strong that if appropriately used can hold the fabric in place for several months.

Steam Cleaner and Paint Roller

A steam cleaner and paint roller can also be used to fix a sagging roof lining. Take a steam cleaner and fill it with water. Switch on the machine to allow the water to heat. Also, keep a small paint roller ready for applying pressure on the fabric.

Then connect the hose and cleaning adapter and apply the steam on the sagging area. Steaming will melt the dried glue on the inner side of the fabric. Use the paint roller with another hand to press the material so that the melted glue spreads uniformly and the lining sticks to the foam.

This method works for the edges, corners, as well as the middle areas of the roof. However, if the glue has dried out too much, this method may not work.

Remove the entire headliner and fix the same!

In case the fabric is sagging from multiple areas, then you need to remove the whole roof, fix it and put it back. It is difficult to do this if you have not done it earlier. Moreover, if you try to remove it and fix it yourself, you can mess up the things, and the work will lack the quality and perfection.

Therefore, it is best to call a professional to do the same. There are many professional services like mobile car roof lining repairs Ipswich that can send their technician to your place to fix the roof liner of your car.  By spending a few dollars on professional repair, you will get a brand-new roof lining.

Final Words

The roof lining of a car is easy to repair for small areas. You can use the above tips to fix the roof liner of your vehicle. However, if your car headliner is sagging more than 50 percent, you must call a repair facility to get it done by a professional. Getting professional help can save you from the cost of recurring problems and repair.

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