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Luxury Condos are now Perceived as a Status Symbol in Real Estate

There are multiple ways in which people look for an accommodation. And if you think that all of them look for plush homes and mansions, think again. While most of us do dream of owning a mansion someday, the fact is that not all of us afford to buy and live in such huge houses. In fact, we don’t need such houses as these for the ultra-rich just to show the world how much money they have. A duplex or a luxury flat or condo is enough for all of us.

In the Canadian real estate market, which is very small as compared to US, there are many issues that you need to understand and aspects so that you can get a piece of land or a property for a good price and then sell it or rent it for getting profit from the transaction. Let me offer you some bit about what you need to know about luxury condos Toronto and what are the benefits of this in this concern.

Luxury condos have Unmatched Features UnlikeFlats and Even Big Houses/Duplex

If you aren’t aware of what a luxury condo is all about, you are at the right place. Many people have a notion about what a condo that it is just like a flat or a little upgraded version of it. This can be furthest from the truth as a luxury condo offer facilities that are top-notch and can be compared to a penthouse or a luxury home. The only difference may be the size as condos are not that huge and spacious like a penthouse or a huge mansion but offer exclusive facilities.

Some of the best features of a luxury condo are use of a huge terrace, more floor area, fireplace, jacuzzi, sauna and a small pool to name a few. The price is one factor which distinguishes it with a simple condo or flat. If you can get a studio or a 2-room flat for a meager one hundred thousand dollars, a condo will cost much more.A luxury condo is what many people look as a status symbol and thus have features which are extraordinary to say the least. So what we are really looking at. Read on.

The price factor is what that makes it unique and a brilliant place to live for the people who can afford a half a million condo, unlike multi-million-dollar penthouses or mansions which are for the super-rich. So if you are looking for a condo that offer extra facilities as compared to a flat, then you can buy one like Yorkville condos which are considered luxurious in Toronto and the suburbs.

Role of Human Psyche in Buying a Luxury Property

Smart features and facilities sell a condo very quickly. The fact that condos are marketed as a green venture nowadays makes them an irresistible piece of real estate. Use of equipment and electronic appliances which don’t emit harmful gases are projected as the best features of a condo and is a good sell. We all get intimidated by such marketing ploys, in this case it is true, by the way, and that’s why people cautious with such things and issues look forward to buy a condo to enjoy these equipment and electrical appliances.

Another factor that works well in this concern is the human psyche that what’s look good or perceived good is taken as a luxury if the price is high too. That’s the case with condos too as people often perceive it with luxury and go for it for as try to show it off as a status symbol. Just like Ferrari in cars and Rolex in watches, luxury condos are too becoming the next status symbol.

Final Word

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