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Men’s Fashion: Stylish Accessories to Up Your Basic Outfits

As a man, you might not be too receptive to wearing many accessories, as societal constructs usually associate women with accessories more. But chances are you’ve worn a hat or sunglasses before. If so, then you’ve already accessorized. Perhaps you added these items to your outfit to make you look less simple or basic. Accessories, for one, are meant for that purpose. With the right accessories, you can change the entire outlook of an outfit.
Fashion accessories for men are a dime a dozen these days, so you have to make sure that you know what you’re looking for. One thing is for sure. If you’re looking for a good deal on men’s fashion accessories, you will have many choices because there are a lot of fashion labels with quality products.

1. Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a type of timepiece designed to be worn on the wrist. It is intended primarily to maintain a regular time-keeping pattern. It is no news that wristwatches are a standard in most men’s closets. Pairing a wristwatch like an Omega Seamaster with any dress shirt can make you look classy.

A wristwatch is generally made up of a case and a bracelet. This bracelet may be made up of several components like leather or stainless steel to compliment your looks. Wristwatches can be purchased from most jewelry stores, and there are also several different types of websites on the Internet selling these items.

2. Tie Clips

Tie clips have seen quite a resurgence in recent years. They do more than the primary function of keeping the tie anchored to the shirt. With men becoming more fashion conscious these days, tie clips have become even more popular. They are made of decorative items from stainless steel to gold or silver plated. Wearing a nice, plain-colored tie is usual if you work in a corporate environment. But these clips can move your basic everyday outfit up a notch. Tie clips are here to stay. Many clothing stores sell them already attached to their products, while others even customize them for you if you want.

3. Necklace

Necklaces for men are no longer just a piece of plane string dangling around their necks. There are many decorative necklaces for men in different materials, from steel to gold. Some even come with a pendant and bracelet to match. If you’re planning on wearing a plain T-shirt, adding a good necklace can make your outfit look a bit more polished.
And while gold and silver are classic manly colors, they do not have to be boring. There are plenty of fantastic alternatives for men who want something a little more flashy. Even men who aren’t always in casual environments should have a decent range of necklaces in their wardrobe. There are subtle thin necklaces you can wear with formal attires. The other type of necklace that men like to wear is chains. These work well for casual events like a friend’s party.

4. Wallets

Unlike necklaces, bracelets, rings, or watches, wallets are not purely fashion accessories. They cannot, however, be ignored if you pay attention to details. As much as you use your wallets for storing cards and cash you carry around; there’s no reason while they can’t be fancy. Wallets can be made to match with your outfits for the day to give that subtle accent.
Wallets can be found everywhere, from the mall to retail stores. They come in different materials, but leather wallets are more popular. Some luxury brands like Gucci that sell leather goods also have a collection of wallets. Luxury wallets are both fashionable and functional, but if you think that a more minimalistic design would suit you better, other kinds of wallets will do.

5. Hats

Every guy needs at least one (if not more) hat in his wardrobe. Hats are a quintessential accessory that men of any age can wear, whether they choose to go completely formal or dress down slightly. While many men’s fashion accessories have been tailored to suit the tastes of younger men, hats continue to be one of the few fashion items that are timelessly appropriate for all ages.

While non-formal events such as weddings, balls, and other similar social events allow a lot of freedom to dress around one’s style, formal occasions such as funerals, corporate meetings require a much more controlled approach to hats.

In general, a simple fedora hat can stylishly top off an already coordinated outfit, making them an ideal choice for men looking to make a statement with their looks. Hats can be found in many styles and colors, so finding one to match your outfit is often easy.

6. Leather Belts

One of the most popular fashion items in leather is the leather belt. Leather is always a great addition to any outfit because it has a very high-end look and feel, and it also is very long-lasting. The leather belts come in different styles, with varying buckle designs. There are also high-end luxury belts you can buy from other designers.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory that can be worn with a casual outfit, especially during the summer. Today there are so many styles and varieties of sunglasses to choose from. Sunglasses are mostly worn by men who spend some part of their day outdoors. Medicated glasses can go well with any kind of outfit too. Some sunglasses would look great when paired with formal attire too.


Another everyday fashion accessory for both men and women is earrings. Earrings are usually made of different types of metals such as diamond, titanium, gold, and silver. Other styles, such as studs, are typically made using semi-precious gemstones. You can easily find earrings at most stores selling fashion accessories. Some types can be made using plastics or any simple material.

Cufflinks are another popular fashion accessory used to accessorize a suit and shirt. Cufflinks are often made of metal like stainless steel. Modern cufflinks are designed according to the current fashion trends and are available at fashion stores.

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