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3 Hacks to Boost Your Team’s Efficiency in Handling PDFs

Dealing with PDF documents can be challenging, especially when they are messy. Imagine having to retrieve some information that you need immediately. It would surely take a long time before you find it. Now, think about it the other way. Let’s say that you sent a PDF file to someone else, and they need to find the necessary info in a short time. 

One way to reduce the time spent scanning through the document is to remove the unnecessary parts and pages. This way, you can have more time doing other work instead. This move translates to increasing your team’s productivity! Find out about three hacks that you can try to boost your team’s efficiency in handling portable document format files to a whole other level!

Remove unnecessary parts from your PDFs

A team leader may divide several tasks into many parts of a team. Your jobs might differ from one another, but one thing that won’t change is that your work is interconnected. That’s why sharing files and PDF documents are essential things to do. You can reduce your teammate’s exerted effort by giving him the only parts of the PDF he needs. You can do this when you delete PDF pages.

Think of it this way. You ask for food, and someone gives you food. It works as a demand and supply process. You can apply this to your team and give them only what they asked for! Of course, this process should work vice versa. It should be a give-and-take relationship. To delete the irrelevant pages of your PDF, you can use Gogo PDFs delete PDF pages tool.

How to use Gogo PDFs delete PDF pages tool

Among the many PDF page removal tools you can find online, GogoPDF stands at the top. Many online users and subscribers all praise this great tool! After all, it boasts of its fast rendering and tight security. Here’s how you can try GogoPDF’s page removal tool.

  1. Visit GogoPDF.
  2. Select and upload your file that you want to delete pages from.
  3. Pick and mark the pages that you want to remove.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Download your PDF file! Take note that you may directly send the file to others on the site.

This method is also proper when you need to print files! Don’t make your teammates have a hard time printing many pages of the file when you only need some parts. This way, you can also save ink and paper, indirectly saving nature!

Take note

Choosing the appropriate tool to remove PDF pages is crucial. Sometimes, it’s the wrong piece of technology that hinders your team’s work. Choose GogoPDF as it can provide you the fast and secured service that you’re looking for. It will certainly suit your team’s needs, as it is easy to navigate.

Archive and store your PDFs properly

Another hack to improve the efficiency of your team is to store your files properly. This may sound like a common thing to do, but it’s a fact that many people neglect this idea. To put it in simple words, be organized! This way, you can reduce the time and effort spent finding the necessary file and increase the amount of work done within the day. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!

If your files are print materials, then make sure to do the first hack before archiving them. After that, separate them into several categories, alphabetize them, and do other kinds of sorting methods. Put them in a place near your team, and make sure to label them appropriately—less distance to walk, faster retrieval, more tasks done. With your files in place, your workplace won’t be as messy as it had been before you started organizing them. It is best to do things in a place where it is comfortable to move around. 

Online PDFs are more accessible to archive. You can purchase or sign up for online storage. Be organized and systematic in naming your PDFs. Separate them into different folders, and you can sort them quickly with the help of software. 

Increase communication between members

Though this hack is a little unrelated to files and PDFs, it will undoubtedly be vital in increasing a team’s productivity. If you work closely with others, know about their areas of specialty, and establish rapport with them, you can maximize everyone’s time. Here’s how you can do this hack.

You can divide the work and allocate them to the members that fit the role needed. By working simultaneously on their specialties, they can undoubtedly produce exemplary work in a short time. Of course, remember to set boundaries on everyone’s roles. This way, everyone has their part, and they can work equally. 

We’ve said before that a project, though there are divisions, is interconnected. Doing the previously mentioned hacks comes into play in this part. When someone asks for a specific amount of a file, another may give them that exact necessary part. Easy-peasy, right?

How to improve collaboration and communication

There are many services online and offline that can support your team’s communication. For online communication, you can find many messenger apps, email, and video conferencing tools that have grown into popularity due to the pandemic brought by COVID-19. Remember to choose one that is easy to navigate and is convenient for your teammates.

In a physical setting, ensure a good environment and establish a certain level of rapport between the members. Once you finish this, it’s only a matter of time to improve collaboration and communication further.


Indeed, we have been stuck in our homes because of COVID-19 these days. Compared to a physical setting, you may find your team’s efficiency tending to dwindle. You may improve this and restore them to their peaks by doing several hacks that might be effective. Some of these include deleting unnecessary pages from your PDF files that you share. Improving communication is also a key to increased efficiency. Try these hacks now and see if they work for your team!

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