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Michael Coppola – Reasons Why Home Cybersecurity Matters

Do you have cybersecurity protecting your home network and devices? If not then don’t worry, you are not alone, but this is something which is worth addressing. Michael Coppola is a cybersecurity and cybercrime expert and he has been quite vocal over the last few months on exactly why cybersecurity in the home is so important. On the face of it the idea of cybercrime appears to be something which only large corporations or banks should be concerned with, but the reality is that it is more important than ever before that your home is also protected.

You can get cybersecurity at home without spending very much money and here is why it is so important.

More Devices

Our homes have more devices and more connectivity than ever before. The average household will have multiple mobile phones, multiple tablets and computers and a large amount of smart tech as well. All of these are potential entry points for a hacker, and it will not take them long to get on to your home network through these access points. This is just one reason why cybersecurity at home is such an important consideration.

Think About The Information

Generally speaking when homes are hacked it is by criminals who wish to obtain personal information which they can then sell on. Once that information is sold on you get identity fraud where people take out bank accounts or credit cards in your name, and this is at the less extreme end of the scale regarding what they can do with your personal information. Now have  think about what you have on your computer, what you use your devices for. It is likely that you have all of your personal details there, that you computer is storing passwords, perhaps you even do your online banking on there as well. All of this will be exposed if you are the victim of a hack, just think about all of that info being out there.

Low Hanging Fruit

The reason why residential properties make for a target is that they are low hanging fruit for hackers. They know that the level of security is likely to be either low or non-existent, they also know that they can get a decent amount of information and move on to the next one. Unlike hacking a big company or corporation, they can hack a residential property and have an enormous chance of getting away with it completely.

The point here is that you don’t have to make it easy for people to access your home network. There are a wealth of options which you can choose from which will ensure that your home is every bit as secure as it should be and that hacking your network is not easy. Protect your data and protect any personal information which you may have on your computers and devices. You may think that it won’t happen to you, but this is something which we are seeing happen more and more.

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