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Megalopolis Toys – The Joys of Collecting, My Favorite Hobby

As a big superhero and movie fan, I have always loved Megalopolis toys, and I started collecting them around a decade ago. Before this however I would imagine that I’d have sneered somewhat if I heard that someone was collecting, but that was because I genuinely had no idea just how fun it was going to be. In the last decade however I have learned just how great it is to collect something and whilst for me it may be toys, people get the exact same buzz no matter what they are collecting.

Whether it is stamps, coins, baseball cards or toys, here is exactly what you will love about collecting.

The Hunt

As much as I really love my collection and the products within it, the real joy of collecting is not just owning the products, but hunting for them. Very often I will see limited edition pieces which I just have to have, and even in todays world this is not always as simple as getting online and buying it. What you have to do is research and then get  to conventions and shows where you may just get your hands on that special piece. This hunt is the thrill which most collectors are in it for.

Piece of History

Although I do buy a lot of modern toys, I still like to get my hands on those older ones, which have of course been owned by other people before me. I always think of these pieces like little windows into the past, almost snapshot of a time gone by. For me I love to think of all the people who had these pieces before me, those who played with the toys, wondering about who they were and what they went on to do in their lives.

Meeting People

A bonus of collecting which I never expected was to make a number of friends who are also collectors. Because so many of us move in the same circles, we often see each other and before long you strike up a conversation. This gives you an easy place to start talking and from there you find out more about each other and soon you are calling them a friend. I have 3 great buddies who I have got to know as a result of collecting toys.


It is not just the collecting which takes up the time but the research and the search for new pieces. There is always plenty of information about the more special pieces and learning about them is such great fun. I have friends who collect vinyl records and ancient coins, and they have the same thing, dedication to the research as well as to the hunting and buying of the pieces.

If there is something that you are passionate about then I would most certainly recommend that you considered collecting as a hobby, and these are just some of the joys which you will get when you do.

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