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Need Naturally Long Hair Like Rapunzel? Check Out These Fantastic Combs.

Combs are an essential part of Indian beauty rituals. In this technologically advanced time that we live in, it might sound so funny. But the truth is that combs are arguably the best hair tool. Traditionally, people made combs using wood; and the ones made with neem wood were considered the best. Today, we have electronic brushes and a variety of electronic hair stylers available in the market. But, the best hair tool for our hair is a simple comb.

While it’s hard to believe, a comb is the hair tool that our mothers and grandmothers used, and it is the reason for them and their mothers and grandmothers having such healthy, long and strong hair.

Why Choose a Comb?

Scientifically, a comb is the best tool for our hair. There are many reasons to support the argument.

  • Combing is not only a huge part of Indian culture but a massive part of South Asian culture. According to ancient Chinese medicinal knowledge, combing energises your head and ultimately relaxes your mind and body. The energy to your head brings vitality to your brain.
  • Hence, combing not only uplifts your mood and relaxes you; but rejuvenates you and gives you the energy to think better. To understand this, observe that when you pet a child or an animal, they feel relaxed instantly. The same happens when you use a comb on your hair.
  • Combs are very helpful if you want to grow your hair. A wooden comb is a must-have if you wish to strengthen your hair. Combs, act on your capillaries! They increase blood circulation, which helps transport nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles making your hair grow faster.
  • Combing also helps to distribute the oils that your scalp creates evenly. That keeps your hair follicles moisturised and aids hair growth.
  • Combs are also less likely to cause hair strands to break off compared to brushes. The multiple bristles of a brush bring more friction to your hair compared to a comb. In addition, a hairbrush may cause more strands to break with a single stroke, compared to a comb which makes the hair flow in one direction. Therefore, learning the proper technique to brushing becomes imperative. With the right way to do it, brushing can be as effective as a hair comb.
  • Lastly, combing your hair removes dirt from your scalp, which means you would have to wash your hair lesser, thereby causing lesser damage to your hair and scalp.

Categorisation of Combs

There are broadly two categories of combs- plastic and wooden.

With the nearing issue of climatic change, we don’t need to tell you why buying a wooden comb is better than buying a plastic one. But, even if you do choose to buy a plastic one, don’t feel guilty. Plastic combs last extraordinarily long and don’t contribute to plastic waste by a considerable amount.

However, buying a wooden comb does have a slight advantage. Wooden combs, especially those made of neem wood, don’t conduct electricity. Hence, they prevent damage to your hair from static electricity. Additionally, they usually have more rounded bristles, so they never cut or harm your scalp, and they also don’t ill-distribute the oils on your scalp, thereby preventing dandruff.

Similarly, brushes can improve hair health too. Also, the right hairbrush meant for a specific hair type is a tool that one cannot ignore. Bushes help in styling, detangling and adding volume to hair.

Some very useful hair combs and brushes are:

  • A Paddle Brush is the best hair tool that you can use to detangle your hair. It comes with a flat, rectangular base and has wide-spaced teeth. You can use this variety of comb/brush to section your hair quickly.
  • Round Hair Brush is an excellent tool for getting subtle waves and curls while maintaining hair volume. In addition, it is effortless to use. You can wrap the sections of your hair around the bristles while taking a blow-dry session, and you will get the bouncy look that you desire.
  • If you have curly hair, Wide Tooth Comb can be a blessing for you. The best part about these combs is that in your attempt to detangle your hair, wide-tooth combs don’t break your hair strands. It is a common problem that people with curly hair face and wide-tooth comb is the solution. These combs also let the curls retain their bounce and reduce hair loss.
  • Let us now talk about a variety of combs considered a thing of the past- Lice Combs. These combs have a row of closely spaced teeth that help to remove lice from your hair.
  • A Detangling Brush is another excellent form of a hairbrush to efficiently eliminate all the issues you face while detangling your hair. These combs work with your hair rather than working against them. The bristles in a detangling brush gently separate the strands and remove the knots to make detangling a pain-free experience.
  • If you want to master the art of getting that complicated salon-like hairdo at home, a Tail Comb is what you need. You can use the rat tail part of the comb for sectioning and partitioning.
  • Flat Tail Brushes are simple no-frill brushes with well-spaced bristles. These bristles are soft and flexible. You can use a flat tail brush to detangle and smoothen your hair anytime you want.

Precautions to Take While Combing Your Hair

1) Comb your roots for the down. Some people comb their hair upwards near the root, but you should always comb your hair from the roots downwards or the middle of your hair shaft downwards. Combing your hair upwards increases the strain on your scalp and making the tangles more challenging to get through.

2) You should never use a comb after applying hair products like hair gels or styling creams because that can increase hair breakage and hair loss. You could only use your fingers to apply the product and style your hair

3) Your hair is weakest when it’s wet, so trying to detangle it right after stepping out of the shower when your hair is still wet causes a lot of breakage and damage to your hair, leading to hair loss.

There are other things you could do like combing your hair when it’s dry right before you shower or step into the shower or combing your hair while you shower by applying conditioner, detangling with your finger first, and then comb through your hair with your comb.

Combing your hair has many benefits, but most of all, if you wish to have naturally long hair, a comb might be your best investment. Yes, of course, that’s not to say that you should abandon all the other hair accessories you own. But an affordable, simple tool for your hair will indeed make all the difference.

You can use many other home remedies or treatments prescribed by dermatologists, but your best bet is a simple comb if you want an easy, convenient, and cost-effective method.

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