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Your Guide to Making a New Life in Thailand

Moving to Thailand can be as daunting as it is exciting. On the one hand, you know this is a country rich in tradition, one that you can be truly happy. On the other, it is a dramatically different culture from what you’re used to, and that means finding ways to adjust and adapt to make your new life bearable. In this guide, we’ll look at how to make your new Thai life as exciting and nourishing as possible, touching on how you can avoid stress and anxiety around your move.

Location and Neighborhood

 Before you make your move, it’s worth doing some research on the neighborhoods you’re likely to encounter in Thailand. Let’s say you’re moving to Bangkok – a giant city with tens of millions of inhabitants. Here, you’re going to want to find a corner of the city that caters to some of your needs. That might mean:

  • Schooling options for your children that are taught in English
  • Local stores that sell products you can cook with
  • A community of expats who will welcome you to your new life
  • Clubs and sports areas to indulge your family’s hobbies
  • Transport links to get you into the thick of city life quickly

All of these things will become apparent as you browse through expat forums in Bangkok. And it’s the same for other large cities in Thailand – you’ll always find a location you can feel that you belong.

Kids and Schooling 

Next up are the options for your kids if you’re moving with little ones in tow. There are two main factors you’ll want to cover here: you’ll want to them to be comfortable in their new home as soon as possible, and you’ll want them to get the best schooling you can find. Both are intertwined, seeing as your children will make their best friends at school. So, when searching for a school, consider:

  • The location: is it close to where you’ll be living?
  • The curriculum: will it be high in quality and taught in English?
  • The students: will some be from your own country, or will your children feel left out?

There are dozens of high-quality international schools in Thailand, including a British-style sixth form which takes an international crowd and turns out exemplary students. A quick search of your options will unearth more educational gems for your kids.

Lifestyle and Happiness

 Once you’ve covered where you’re going to live, how you’re going to get about, and how you and your children will make friends, it’s time to focus on your expat lifestyle. This can go one of two ways. On the one hand, you might simply enjoy hanging out with other expats, going to their homes and clubs to feel that connection with your home culture. On the other, you might prefer to make Thai friends, ingratiating yourself in the culture of your host country. What’s important is that you get out there, attend events, take down numbers, and socialize. This is how you’ll make a success of your home to Thailand.

There you have it: some fundamental tips to making the most of your new life in Southeast Asia.


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