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Need to Edit Files? Get to Know 4 PDF Tools to Help You!

In this online learning setup, we tend to have many Portable Document Formats (PDF). This is because PDF is the most reliable among all other file formats in terms of layout and graphics. PDF can ensure that what you have submitted will be viewed the same way you have laid it. Sounds good?

However, PDF also has some disadvantages especially if you need to edit tons of PDF files in just a short duration of time. To begin with, PDF is not editable so it may consume your time getting to search for the ways you can edit your PDF. Also, you cannot easily change its pagination, unlike other file formats. There are so many more drawbacks when it comes to editing PDF files, so if you want to do your work easily, keep on reading because we will show you the tools you can use to make your editing work on tons of PDF files faster than ever. Here are some of the tools that you can check out!

1. Delete PDF pages tools

As we have previously said, you cannot easily edit or modify the pagination of your PDF file. So the first thing that you might think if you want to modify the pagination or delete PDF pages is to convert the PDF to a Word file. Modify the layout and erase a portion of work to delete a specific page. This process is very daunting and time-consuming and might not be the best option that you can make. Instead of doing that manual and daunting process, let us introduce the delete PDF page tool that you can easily find on some websites for PDFs like GogoPDF. This website offers the delete PDF pages tool for free, wherein you may delete PDF pages, modify the pagination of the PDF file just by dragging, and instantly download a new PDF file. Quick and easy!

2. PDF to Word Tool

If the last edit that you need to make is on the content, the delete PDF pages tool will not do the work for you. You now need to convert your PDF to Word. To do that, GogoPDF also has a PDF to Word converter that you can use. This is perfect for those who do not have any other idea on how to convert PDFs to Word files manually. Instead of searching for other manual ways to convert PDF to Word, which is time-consuming, we highly suggest that you go to the GogoPDF that we have mentioned to enjoy quick and easy conversions.

3. Word to PDF tool

Of course, after you have converted the PDF into Word and you have finalized the last edits on it, you will also be needing to reconvert it to PDF. So, in this case, you may also want to maximize GogoPDF to reconvert your Word to PDF. You are already in the right place for all of your PDF conversion needs. The good thing is they will be the ones to do all the conversion processes, so you will save time rather than manually converting each file. Say goodbye to unwanted miscellaneous works with those tons of PDF editing tasks. If you need to convert XLS, XLSX, or another Excel file format into PDF, our free excel to pdf converter can help.

4. Repair PDF tool

While doing your final edits, you might encounter problems in PDF, especially if you are working on numerous ones. This can happen if our files are attacked by unwanted malware and viruses from the internet. Even though PDF is a secure format, there is still a risk of your file being corrupted, especially if it is exposed to unwanted viruses. So if one, two, or any of your PDF files are corrupted while doing the editing tasks, do not worry because there is also a tool dedicated to that! With repair PDF tools which can also be found in GogoPDF, retrieving corrupted files will be easy like never before! They will retrieve the contents of your corrupted PDF files in just a few minutes. This is already a great option because others are spending too much time trying to resolve a corrupted file.

What is GogoPDF?

You might be wondering about this website that has been the highlight of this post. It has over 25 tools that you can use to edit, modify and reorganize your PDF files for free. They have the tools that we have mentioned, such as the delete PDF tool, the PDF to Word, Word to PDF, and repair PDF. They also have several other PDF tools and features that you can enjoy without having to pay for subscriptions and without having to download unnecessary extensions. On top of that, this website is also safe to use since it is SSL-encrypted. Go and visit this website to get to know more about their PDF tools aside from what we have introduced earlier. After you have tried this website, we assure you that you will never go again into the manual solutions to your PDF issues ever again.

Check out GogoPDF tools today!

Editing tons of paper works is challenging and daunting. It is much more daunting, especially if those files are in PDF formats. PDFs are not meant to be edited so if you are tasked to do one, you will probably encounter many problems. To avoid those problems, we suggest that you make yourself familiar with the readily available tools on the internet such as GogoPDF. You can use the delete PDF tool to edit and modify the pages all at once.

The PDF to Word tool to convert PDFs to Word especially if you need to make last edits with the content, you can use the Word to PDF tool to bring it back to PDF, and lastly, use the repair PDF tool for those unwanted instances of your files being attacked by viruses. These are just small and handy tools that you can find on the internet, but the thing is, save your time and avoid miscellaneous works by maximizing our tips and tricks!

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