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New Release: Tab Grouping Feature on Android

Google has rolled out a new Chrome interface on Android that allows users to open and switch tabs in a grid. This tab grouping feature on Android helps you organize the tabs from the grid layout screen in groups when several web pages are open. While the features are already enabled by default on Android devices that use Chrome, those unable to see the layout can still enable it manually through Chrome’s experimental flags and restarting the phone twice.

The tab grouping grid layout allows you to preview up to six tabs or groups on screen. The tabs turn transparent when you drag them to the left and close when you release them. To create a tab group, on the upper-right corner of the overflow menu, select group tabs, then after you only need to tap on any tabs you wish to add to the group and click on the “group” button. But if you have your tabs already open, long press on a tab as you drag it over another to create a group.

Where Does the Tab Grouping Help?

Tab grouping feature comes in handy, especially where you have to multitask or compare between different platforms while staying organized. For example, when shopping from multiple eCommerce platforms, you need to compare the different products before shopping.

You can also customize the groupings with names or emojis to help you keep track of certain tasks, so you do not miss their progress update. Depending on how urgent they are, you can brand them “ASAP” or “later”, or their progress as “completed” or “pending”. If you are using your android phone to play games on Chrome still by the best Android game development company, you can switch between the games as per your preference.

 Android Game Development

About 70% of the smartphones, tablets and other devices use Android as their gaming platform. Any Android game development company that develops good quality games can earn profits greatly by reaching wide audience through a platform that has been made highly secure by Google developers. The game submission and approval process is simple, and the games can be developed with none or very little performance issues.

If you are looking to transform your Android games ideas into reality, then hire android game developer who is constantly adapting to the latest Android development trends in the market like AIS TechnolabsPvt Ltd. The games should be of the highest standards, compatible with various Android devices while giving you a sound monetization strategy.

The Android game development company should first seek to understand your needs and requirements before starting the project. Once you decide to hire the Android game developer for your game development, the process of developing the app begins with the team proposing a solution according to your needs.

The blueprint of the structure and designing of the app screens is done first, followed by development of app. At this stage, you get a chance to review the app before it can go for testing, and one more time after testing and fixing any bugs found. The app is then deployed to the App Store and your server it is finally made available for the users.The users can sample and group all their favourite games under one tab group and switch between them as their mood may be.



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