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PLAY Preschool – Tips on Getting your Kids Education During Quarantine

If you don’t feel that you have the time or the skills to give your kids home schooling during the quarantine then you are not alone, there are many parents which feel this way. Thankfully there is a wealth of resources which you can use in order to help keep your kids educated and entertained as the lockdown continues. I am very lucky that the team at PLAY Preschool have provided us with lots of materials and resources to use for the kids, and this may be an idea for you too, to contact your child’s school and see if they are able to offer something like this.

If you are a finding it tough, here are some great resources which you can use to help your kids at least keep some level of consistency during their time away from school.


The video streaming service offers a fantastic chance for students to be able to continue their learning and there is an enormous range of educational resources which you can find here. The benefit YouTube is that you can get long videos, some of which even feature full lessons on a wide range of subjects. No matter how old your kids are or what particular topic they are studying, you will find an enormous range of information and options which can help your kids.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is one of the largest free educational resources in the world and their website is a great place for your kids to learn and to continue their education. The Khan Academy covers every single topic and every single age group so there is no issues with regards to that. Unlike YouTube however this is a great place to find a variety of materials such as written work, videos and interactive materials. This is probably your best option if you child is in high school because although there are resources here for younger kids, their main focus is on higher education.


 One important place to check is to see what resources the government have made available. Governments around the world have created websites and portals where kids can go to still continue their learning. Naturally these won’t replace the real thing but they conduct classes and offer a wealth of resources to help kids.


If you are happy to spend a little bit of money then you may find it best to look to see what teachers are offering online tutoring. Naturally tutors and teachers are now at home and not working so it makes sense for them to help people for money, and if you are happy to spend then you can give your kids one on one tutoring which could actually be far more valuable than going to school and learning in a classroom with others.

There are many options if you are struggling, we are all in this together and that is why there is an abundance of options for you. It’s critical to understand who the instructors are teaches to your kids at a tuition centre when you send your kid there. Go here for more knowledge

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