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Mark Swaim – How the Marketing World Has Changed in the Last 6 Months

Since the announcement of the global pandemic there have been many companies which have been forced to close their doors, there have been many more barely getting by and surprisingly, there have been some which have thrived. One industry which is doing well, thanks mostly to the fact that it recognized a need to change, is digital marketing. Mark Swaim is a marketing expert who writes for a number o leading publications, we caught up with Mark recently to find out what it is that has changed in the world of marketing over the course of the last 6 months.

Tone of Ads

Of course one of the biggest changes which we have seen is the tone of the adverts which are featuring across the web. This is a clear opportunity for businesses simply because of the fact that so many more people are at home than ever before. With this being said there is still a pandemic going on which is claiming and ruining the lives of millions around the world. Indeed it is for this reason why we haven’t seen a product like Corona beer take the natural step to jump on this opportunity, as it would do more damage than good. The key for companies has been to switch up their ads and increase how sensitive they are being.

Buy It Now

Mots ad campaigns in the past would focus on a buy it now process as well as placing ads which looked to help build the brand of the company and look for long term success. Given the position that so many are in however, this has very much switched to the instant buy commercials. Companies are taking risks in investing in marketing and that is why they need those ad dollars to really get  the best return that  they can, as quickly as they can. The quick sale strategy is something that we are likely to see for many months ahead, the long term stuff can wait.

Pitches and Clients

 Another huge change which we have seen in the advertising world is that the nature buy which digital marketing companies are finding and pitching to new clients. Initially there are many types of clients which are now not investing in marketing, which meant that a number of digital marketing agencies had to switch their focus to retail clients. The pitch is something which has become a real force by which ad companies can win over clients, and with the pandemic and the limitations around it this has also changed greatly. Now we are restricted to what we can do with video calls and that has meant that agencies have had to get even more creative than ever before.

Digital marketing agencies have certainly done well from this crisis but it is absolutely essential to understand just how much they have had to change, and just how much they will have to continue to change in order to maintain these levels of success.

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