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[Quick Guide] How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

Do you have captured some beautiful pictures and want to share them with friends, colleagues, or family members? Or you have bought a new Android device and wish to transfer those memorable moments from the old to the new ones?

Well, this kind of situation is not a new thing for users but lots of them still don’t get any way to transfer pictures from Android to Android. But there is nothing to worry about as you will get some best tips to deal with such kind of situation.

I will guide you completely through this blog on how to transfer photos from Android to Android without any difficulty.

Method 1: Use Bluetooth To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

One of the best and old methods to transfer any data from one device to another is by using Bluetooth. This is a straightforward technique to transfer pictures from one phone to another. This is used to the method by lots of users.

So here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Switch ON Bluetooth on both devices

Before you transfer any data like photos between devices via Bluetooth, you need to turn it ON. Then pair both phones so that connection established. When you switch on the Bluetooth, it automatically starts searching for new connections.

Step 2: Transfer pictures between devices

When both the devices are successfully paired, go to an old phone and open file manager > select photos that you want to transfer through Bluetooth. After selecting the pictures, tap on “Accept” on another phone when prompted and all your images will be successfully transferred.

Method 2: Transfer photos via Google Photos between Android phone

Google Photos is also another useful and best way to transfer photos between Android phones. The steps are simple to follow:

  • First, open Google Photos on your phone, and if not signed in then do it immediately using your Google account. Remember, the account should be the one in which you have backed up photos
  • After that, tap on the Albums icon on the left side menu
  • Once you open the album to transfer pictures, tap on the Share icon

Another simple step you can follow:

  • First, open Google photos using a Google account
  • Now create an album of new photos
  • Here you can add as many pictures as you want
  • Then go to Google Photos using a different account
  • Select all pictures
  • And finally, select Add to this account

Method 3: Android beam can help to share images between Android devices

In this modern time, the Android devices support Android Beam and also incorporate NFC hardware. If you are not aware of Android Beam then it’s a way to transfer files between Android devices by simply pressing back to back button. Remember, Android Beam is one of the fast and best ways you can use to transfer pictures between Android to Android.

Note– It is very important to remember a few things before you use Android Beam, which means that your phone should support NFC. It is important because many phones do not support NFC so it becomes necessary to confirm it.

Follow the steps to check if the phone supports NFC:

  • First, go to Settings> under wireless and connection, tap on More
  • Enable if NFC and Android Beam is disabled
  • If your phone doesn’t support NFC you will not get it and if your phone runs on Android 4.0 or high, then only you will find it

Here are the steps to transfer photos from an Android phone via Android Beam:

  • Select the photos you want to transfer
  • Now open them in the gallery. You have to option to choose multiple photos and send them
  • After that, long press on the photo thumbnail along with other pictures that you want to move
  • And finally, begin the Beam process

Method 4: Use any powerful tool to move pictures between Android devices

Apart from manual options, you can go for professional tools like Android Repair software. This is an easy to use tool that helps you transfer photos from Android to Android. It’s a one-click repair tool that easily resolves the transfer problem and moves your pictures from one phone to another. Using this tool, other data as well are also transferred including messages, call logs, contacts, videos, documents, etc. And the best part is it works on all Android phones and transfers between Android to Android, Android to iPhone, etc.

Method 5: Use Google Drive to transfer photos between devices

Do you save your data on Google Drive? If yes then it can also help you in different situations to restore your data. It allows 15GB of storage space to store data and you can keep your photos safe and secure.

Follow the below steps to transfer pictures from Android phone to Android:

  • Go to the Settings option on your phone
  • Then click on Backup to Google Drive
  • Here, you will get to backup lots of data types such as photos, call history, messages, etc
  • Now all your data will automatically back up even after you upload anything manually like pictures
  • After this, login to Google Drive on another phone using the same Google account and you can access them easily without any issue.

NOTE– All these methods are suggested by users as they have found them useful and have successfully transferred pictures and other data between Android phones.


Well, nowhere comes to the end of this entire blog. And I have discussed several manuals as well as automatic solutions here. I hope whatever methods suggested will surely help you to transfer photos from Android to Android phone. And the best thing is you can transfer other stuff as well using these methods apart from photos. So whenever you come across this kind of situation, follow these steps and access your memorable moments on a new device without any problem.

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