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Reasons Why I’d Recommend Buying a Vacation Home

We were traveling through Minnesota last year when I saw I saw an MN lake home for sale that just took my breath away. I went to check out the property and to be honest I was not ini the market for a vacation home at that time, seeing the property however completely changed all of that. I took the gamble and followed my heart and I have never looked back. This became something which I have never regretted and in fact I am glad that I followed my heart that day because in doing so I have myself an amazing vacation home, which I just love. If you have been thinking about getting a second home for vacation purposes, here is why I would definitely recommend it.

Home From Home

There is something so lovely about getting away and going on vacation, whilst going to your own home as well. The big thing for me is that it is just easy, I can escape to this delightful little lakeside retreat, I know where everything is and I can just get on with the vacation from the moment that I arrive. Here you get your home comforts and you get your vacation all at once and it is something which I just really adore.

Friends and Family

It is not only us who enjoys the place, I have had friends and family out to the lake house as well who have enjoyed themselves for a fraction of the cost of what they would have paid elsewhere. This is a lovely option that you can extend to your friends and family.


A second home also gives you earning potential and we will generally look to let out the property for 6 months of the year, and have the place available for the other 6 months so that we can use it, and that friends and family can use it too. I love this option as it means that you can get something of an income from the property, which helps with cash flow and to take some value out of the asset.


To be honest I think I would’ve bought this place even if there was no chance of appreciation but after doing my research and learning that it would in fact, or looked likely to appreciate, was something which really sealed the deal. Having an asset like this is great for your portfolio and it means that you can either sell it in later life or perhaps leave it to your kids once you have gone, as a paid for asset.

As you can see owning a vacation home is about buying somewhere which can help you to make both memories and money, and it truly was one of the smartest choices which I think I have made, such is the fun and the chance of relaxation that we get down there. If you are looking at investing then a second home may very well be the best way to do it.

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