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Coil Roofing Nails and Other Materials You Will Need to Fix a Roof

I can tell you from first hand experience that if you do not use the right materials when you are fixing your roof then you are going to find that the job is only going to have to be completed again. I absently forgot about the importance of coil roofing nails when I was patching the roof and the poor substitutes which I ended up using weren’t good enough, the result was another trip up the ladder and ore expense of getting the right materials this time.

 If you have found that there is an issue with your roof, perhaps cracked tiles, fallen shingles or perhaps even a hold in the membrane then you are going to have to make sure that you get the right materials for the job before you head up there and have a go at fixing it. If this is a big issue and you have no experience then it will be always better to get a professional in to help you out, if for no other reason than the efficiency and the professionalism which they are able to bring. Assuming the problem is manageable for you, here are the materials which you will need.


 Don’t make the mistake that I did and think that you can hammer the nails in, it just doesn’t product the same results as when you use a nail gun so this is without doubt a tool which you are going to need. You can rent a nail gun if you feel as though it is something which you aren’t going to need in the future, instead of investing in one. Nail guns can be rented for as little as $20 per day. You will of course also need a strong set of ladders and it is preferable if you have someone at the bottom to keep them in place whilst you climb.


 In terms of the materials you are going to need, the first will be some galvanized roofing nails, coiled for use with your nail gun. This will not only increase the speed by which you can instal the nails but because they are nailed it at high voltage it also increases the strength of the hold which the nails have. Beyond this you will also need some roofing tar, some shingles or tiles depending on what you are looking to replace, felt paper and 1/2” plywood. These materials should cover you for whatever repair operation you are looking at for your roof. Get your materials ready before you start the job so that you do not have to make a last minute trip to the hardware store once you have already started the work.

 Do your best to avoid standing on the roof, sticking only to the beams of the structure. It will of course be important that the roof is also fully dry so ensure that there has been no rain for at least a week before you get up and fix the roof.

 Get the right tools, the right materials and invest time on making the job right first time.

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