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If you are wondering what coworking spaces are, they are membership-based workspaces where the partners work jointly in a shared, collaborative location. Instead of the conventional office where everybody serves for a similar employer, folks in a coworking space don’t belong to the same company or association.

Presently, there are over 14,400 coworking spaces all over the globe. It is calculated that coworking spaces will be the place of preference for about 5.1 million folks by 2020. The boosting favor of coworking spaces has been preferred largely by the increasing abundance of freelancers and remote employees.

The partners are from various backgrounds as they can be – entrepreneurs, remote hireling, freelancers, and other self-reliant professionals.

The thriving acceptance of coworking spaces is an outcome of the culture and understanding that is attributed to such areas.

Coworking spaces are attributed to benevolence, leisure, teamwork, productivity, and inspiration. Folks who use coworking spaces as their main workspace also just appear to arise. People working in coworking spaces are joyous, more productive and creative, more skillful, and more diligent in their work.

An article and study were released in the “Journal of Organizational Behavior” revealed that, when interrogated to reveal their grades of thriving, people who go to coworking spaces graded averaged 6 points on a 7-point scale, which was higher than the normal for workers who serve in conventional office environments.

There is a prevailing notion that people who serve out of coworking space tend to thrive, with data to support it up.

But if you are wondering what it is about coworking areas that makes them better than the common office arrangement, then the answer is listed down below.


Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces do not have rigidity.

Extensively coworking spaces provide 24-hour access, which gives workers the flexibility to function whenever they want. If you have to meet a deadline and for that, you have to work all night long, you don’t have to bother about the office closing in the evening.

If you have declarations during the day, you can take the day off without worrying about anything. Even if you want to work from your residence, it’s all up to you; there is nothing to worry about.

This flexibility is something that most coworking space people really like.

According to the survey by Deskmag, about 50% of the workers use the coworking space around the clock. Only 30% of workers work during normal working hours.

The flexibility in these coworking spaces is not just confined to time.

The flexibility of choosing how they want to work is also one of the perks of coworking spaces. There are accessible areas with shared desks where you can work together and share beliefs with other members if you want to collaborate with someone.

There are closed out areas too where you can work without being bothered by anyone if you like working in quiet places.

Comfortable spaces and lounges are also there in some of the coworking spaces where you can relax and chill according to your work schedule or free time. If you want to read something in a peaceful environment or if you want to listen to some music, they got you covered.

This sort of flexibility is not easy to find in a traditional office environment.


Coworking space is also a great route to build connections with people outside of your department.

It is an exceptionally considerable means of making professional connections and boosting the shape of your profession.

Coworking spaces can be considered as going every day to a networking event. When you talk to other people, you get the opportunity to pertain with people who might turn out to be useful to your trade which is another perk of such co-working spaces.

And when you will interact and unite, you might acknowledge that someone can be useful for your work and your business are correlated to each other.

In this manner, the coworking space gives someone with a chance to create healthy personal and professional connections that would not have been possible if a person had been operating from home or from a traditional office environment.

Not only this but many coworking spaces organize events for their partners to communicate and connect, giving you even more resources to create your professional network more efficiently.


Coworking spaces feel more like a friendly organization than a traditional office. Every coworking space is unique in their own ways like culture and vibe and an environment of affection and devotion.

This alliance with others in coworking space is one of the major motivations why people join coworking spaces.

This feeling of organization does not just simply happen but it is something that is intentionally formulated by the coworking space people who manage such places so efficiently.

Most coworking spaces are both workspace providers and hospitality firms. The managers know each member of the organization by their name and domain.

These managers know other people in the community who might be helpful to your profession and they also provide introductions to such people.

Maximum coworking spaces organize everyday events for their members, where they can interact, communicate, learn from other members, and can make new friends and relationships.

But interaction and socialization are not forced. Everyone is free to choose whether they want to interact with each other or not.

If somebody wants to be left unaccompanied so you can focus on your task, you can do just that also.

Other members are available to talk to and share your opinions. It is ample for one to cultivate a robust insight of individuality with the community in coworking space.

Moreover, interactions between members are unrestricted and more casual, which enhances the connotation of the community because members are from different backgrounds and different businesses.

Working out of a coworking space perceives more like working amongst a bunch of pals rather than office colleagues.


A coworking space is a perfect spot to thrive in your business, especially for entrepreneurs.

A coworking space gives you an opportunity to communicate with other entrepreneurs who are at various levels of constructing their businesses.

This also helps you to realize from their unanimous experiences and you can prevent common hitches in your business.

These coworking spaces are operated by mindful and sharp managers who can give you some beneficial advice and can assist you in the right path.

Coworking spaces also give you passage to a community of folks with distinct skillsets that might be beneficial to your growing profession.

Such things help get your businesses off the ground and empower resources and knowledge on how to promptly thrive your business.

You can obtain free professional guidance, secure allocation for your business, encounter a guide, find partners, and many more things on the list.

In other words, a coworking space can heighten your possibilities and chances of successfully bringing your firm off the ground and cultivating it.

Coworking spaces are definitely going to grow more in the near future and they will evolve to be more popular.

People who work in coworking spaces are increasing because of the insight of the community of coworking areas, the flexibility, the potential for creation, discovering and alliance, the chance to create healthy personal and professional relationships, and the spaces’ revolves around extraordinary design and wellbeing.

Not only this but coworking spaces also entitle people to discover meaning in their job and contribute great resources for members to prosper their business.

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
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